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What part of the world are you in? Thanks again. Not only are there differences in the construction, Yamaha uses Ash in the body. Learn how your comment data is processed. All artificially aged too. Andertons carries the left hand version which some stores carry as the 112L. Finally, one of the biggest differences between the Stratocaster and the Pacifica is in the pickups. So if you’ve been looking for some good budget electric guitar options you’ve probably run across the Yamaha Pacifica name a few times. This is a very interesting rewiring mod. Like turning a knackered old natural wood Pacifica 112 into a John Lennon-style Rickenbacker 325 lookalike. And you know what ? mine was made in taiwan, 112 m, but slightly different than the pic above as it has a maple fingerboard instead of rosewood, thats all. Required fields are marked *. Just doing the split? I intonated it (done that many times) but it will not hold the tuning. The shop even set it up for me. The Pacifica lends itself to more lead playing thanks to a slightly different fret radius. While Yamaha isn’t well-known for their lineup of electric guitars, the Pacifica is one excellent exception to that rule. I have only one more question if you can help me- Even though you are a beginner, you still want a variety of tone, I suggest you get a small solid state amp with some type of amp modeling and effects, I highly suggest the Vox Mini5 Rhythm, it is more than enough and you will have plenty of options to play with. I am luther and lefty. It all depends on the kind of sound you want, although I would say that the ability to split up the humbucker pickup does add to the versatility of the guitar. Hello, Josh. je pence aller on acheter une dan les prochain jours mes la quelle lol 112v ou 212v jatten que tu me dise pour prendre ma decission merci josh a bien tot. I had to replace the saddles and they need replaced again due to the rust and corrosion. If I can’t find any yamahas are these good which one of them are better just in case. budget guitars have sharper ends but aside from that, couldnt find other faults with it. But if I am a beginner and would like to play jazz what guitar would you suggest? So now I am getting the Yamaha PAC112J in black. Regarding electric guitar-I would like to play mostly pop-rock of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. However I have seen an ESP EC-50 and also Epiphone Les Paul Standard which is 280 here. If the answer is yes, then go for the Squier. But, if you’re able, it’s much better to start off with the 112 series. Not sure which is the better guitar of the two? my friends and i started playing a few months ago and they got fender strats and were both saying that theirs are by far better. Instead of plugging the guitar in on the face as is common on the Strat, with the Pacifica the plug is on the side. They are a higher-quality piece of installed equipment. I installed so cheap locking tuners, a Babicz 6 pint bridge (which is awesome) and just put emg pickups in. A fantastic website. Did you manage to get to play one pacifica at least? You helped me a lot. I have a pac313 I bought in 1996 on the fly due to my guitar taking a dive Right before a gig. I’m thinking of buying YP 112V. Hey Mike, as far as I can tell there isn’t a left-handed version of the PAC 112V, although I could very well be wrong about that. I seriously ‘relic’ed’ this, as they say. Thanks, Installed Kinman SCn bridge, Kinman Impersonator Fat 50 middle and Oil City Winterizer Firebird minihumbucker neck pickups, as my personal twist on a reverse H-S-S superstrat format. Had a white pearl lying around from a 112 so attacked it with the coping saw and Dremel to create a Cabronita vibe instead of the Gibson vibe…Thinking about raising the action and putting some heavy strings on and learning slide guitar. Below we’re going to do a quick review of the series as a whole and then break down the differences between the individual guitars. Hi, Does anyone know what the X stands for on the Yamaha Pacifica VMX Thanks P.P. It stands alongside the Fender Squier series of guitars as some of the most popular in the price range due to its high value and excellent playability. What additional feedback were you looking for? Verkoop eenvoudig yamaha pacifica It will sound more like a Fender in regards to the single coil pickups and the neck radius is more like a fender 9.5 radius. They are well-made and have endured almost three decades of scrutiny and use. It has a rounding at the top edge of the fingerboard and a satin finish. I bought it for 300 dollars like 10 years or 15 years ago. But, if you’re able, it’s much better to start off with the 112 series. 12 watching. I wanted to buy a Yamaha Pacific, in the end I got a Fender Squier. Or building a tribute to Wilko Johnson’s legendary Telecaster using a PAC102. I like to take a perfectly good old Yamaha Pacifica guitar and ruin it. I will never buy a cheap Yamaha again.To bad. But I’m not touching my 604W which is perfect as it is. The Yamaha Pacifica range of guitars has been around since the 1990s. I got a left handed model for £219 GBP before Yamaha realised they had put the wrong price label on it. That depends on whether you want it to sound and feel like a Fender. Aside from sporting the standard Alder body and Rosewood fingerboard, the 112 also comes with more color options. I mostly prefer clean sounds so like a bright open sounding pickup, which is why I went with the Ironstone Gold single coils and an Alan Entwistle HV 58 low output Alnico 2 humbucker to get a better loudness balance betweem the single coils and the bridge humbucker. I have searched the stores in here (not all of them the ones near me ) and I could find a left handed one generally there are low quantities of left handed guitars. to think back 14 years, its hella worth it. Had to paint the red scratchplate myself as couldn’t find one to buy. Hi. Great review, keep up the good work Straight out of the box the tone from the ceramic pickups is bright with fairly open sounding cleans, good strat in-between chime sounds for positions 2 and 4. How to customise (and ‘relic’) your guitar. I’m a beginner looking to buy my first electric guitar. Remember that they are both HSS guitars, but if you want to play hard and heavy, I highly suggest getting the 112v instead due to its slimmer neck and flatter radius. While the Yamaha Pacifica’s necks appear to be even narrower, and I’m afraid are just too narrow for my fingers. Like said Pete M Obie, the tone of the 112j is really great and bright, i’ve had during 20 years more than 20 good strat’ (USA and Mexicains), but i sold these guitars (too much money for not very much compared to my squier classic vibe upgraded with custom shop 69…), but now i compare my beautiful CV 50 to the 112jcx and feel the same, the tone wood ils better on the pacifica, brighter, more “straty”… The CS 69′ of course are clearer than the ceramic ones on the 112jcx, but i can be sure to have better results with modding the pacifica !!! The Specialcaster.). Well, you see most of my thoughts above! Should you consider the PAC112J or the PAC112V? Yamaha Pacifica 012 Notes. It’s very hard to find a side by side comparison of Pacifica vs Fender/Squier neck width. Hi Josh, I bought my 112 in the mid 90s the only problem I’ve had is the bridge. (Reminds me the best strats USA i had, very clear sound unplugged). First launched in 1990, the Pacifica series was driven by the California session scene of the day - where versatility, performance and individuality were key. They sound great, the price is excellent (many under $200) and they look awesome. Click for more details on the Pacifica 012. Then there was the Danocaster, a 102 tele painted to look like a 50s Danelectro – inspired by E from the Eels. It’s not a bad option if your budget is severely limited. And reading the 212 can be uncomfortable for small hands?? $42.65 shipping. I’m thinking about buying a Yamaha Pacifica 212 wanted to get some feedback from you.

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