vox pathfinder 10

The Vox Pathfinder 10 is a 10-Watt, 1 x 6.5" solid-state combo amplifier that is perfectly sized for home practice and rehearsal in a small room environment. Reply. plus a high gain capability that?s thoroughly modern! Those instantly recognizable, warm British sounds you?ve come to expect from VOX are alive and well in the compact, 10-Watt Pathfinder 10 combo ? Unknown January 14, 2020 at 11:01 AM. Replies . Let’s check out the features and tone for this little ripper from a famous name in music. Features. J. Roland August 6, 2020 at 12:48 PM. The Vox PATHFINDER 10 10W Guitar Combo is a great little practice amp for starting out and, as you would expect from Vox, has a great classic look and tone. Would you use it to record professional music? All user reviews for the Vox Pathfinder 10 . $109.99 by Amazon; View price information > Our members also liked: Laney LG35R; Peavey Rage 258 ; Peavey Bandit 112; View price information. Reply. 07/21/2014. Plus of course, the look and style of a piece of musical history. From the diamond grille cloth and basket-weave vinyl leather to the vintage chicken-head knobs, the Pathfinder 10 loudly proclaims its VOX pedigree. The specifications for the Vox Pathfinder 10w are: 10 watts The Vox Pathfinder 10 offers a taste of the legendary VOX brand. Lunchie Poster Extraordinaire. Joined: Jun 5, 2012 Location: Downstate Illinois. It is a similar situation with the overdrives. Like other 10w amps in this category, the power isn’t massive, but often surprises. Like; Tweet; Submit; Average Score: 4.5 ( 4.5/5 based on 19 reviews ) 12 reviews: 63 % : 5 reviews: 26 % : 2 reviews: 11 %: Value For Money : Excellent Buy this product. May 28, 2013 #7. But perhaps most importantly, it sounds great. With that said, considering the price of the amp and its purpose, the clean channel is more than satisfactory. Sure, they are not as crisp and detailed as they are when delivered by a set of decent tubes. It appears the Vox pathfinder 10 evolved from the Vox Escort....a very cool little amp Attached Files: SH-Vox_Escort.jpg File size: 53.3 KB Views: 355. lot0146-1.jpg File size: 56.4 KB Views: 354. The Vox Pathfinder 10 is hands-down the best amplifier in the under-$100 range (now that the Monoprice Stage Right 5W tube amp is $110 when it's not on sale), and one of the five best under $150. Delete. The Vox Pathfinder 10W combo is a vintage looking and sounding amp that won’t hurt the budget. This portable amp is ideal for the on-the-go guitar player. Very well made with good materials and a simple design. Replies. I think your … The Vox Pathfinder 10w combo amplifier is a super little practice amp. Sort by. Delete. Posts: 5,567. The cleans you get with Pathfinder 10 are pretty much in line with what many expect from Vox. P8270231.jpg File size: 65.5 KB Views: 378. We said earlier, when we look at this Vox Pathfinder Combo 10W, we see the AC30 in our mind’s eye. 2 band EQ, gain and tone controls on the top panel allow you to shape and control your tone to your liking, making it an affordable solution to tweak and experiment with sounds for use on a live stage or studio set-up. Reply. 10 Watts is more than loud enough for the bedroom guitarist and the 6.5 inch speaker really dishes out some lovely sounds.

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