vortex race 3

Don't think I'll ever buy one of these again, shame because it is quite nice in design, but I don't have confidence in getting a new one because It will probably happen again. 1st Clear KB -stiffer than browns -not sure if I prefer the actuation of the browns vs. clears. The Cherry Brown MX switches are really the way to go -- I had the clear switches on a WASD 61-key keyboard and I felt like the keys were giving me a workout because they were so difficult to press. Only downside was that when I first got it, one of the secondary layers was on by default, and I had to reset the board to get it to work properly. All the navigation packed into 11 rightmost keys works miracles for coding: arrow keys, Home/End, PgUp/Dn, Enter, Del and Backspace are all within the reach and are easily distinguished blind using backspace and enter as reference. I just started getting into the whole mechanical keyboard community, and I have been researching like crazy what would be the best keyboard for my daily driver. Such a tight little 75 percenter. Also, the micro USB is very difficult. I got a vortex Pok3r recently and loved it. This Vortex really raised the bar for me, though. 3. So thank you! Last comment - I ordered key switches from MB to replace the dead keys on the 1-day old Leo FC980M. The keycaps are of good quality, the switches feel good and the small format is perfect while offering more keys than a 60%. ps. Now, two months into using it, I think I'd give it a go :) A lot of people complain about the non-standard top row but the keycaps it comes with are great. Well, I hesitated to write a review before all my feelings about this keyboard have been settled. It meant that the Mac layout wasn't working correctly out of the box. Great keyboard, I got it with the clears and take it to and from work every day. I played with a Pok3r with cherry browns recently, and I timed myself at 115 wpm. I might try the Vortex Vibe. And I'll finish my keycap gripes by mentioning a little paint smear down at the edge of one of the caps, which seems to be made by neglect during the process of die sublimation at factory, because it won't be washed away with water, ethanol, acetone and wd-40, nor would it go away by rubbing with an abrasive eraser. :) They do seem to grow on me as they continue to break in - they became much smoother after a few months. 1. All the keys you need are here. love this board so much, perfect size, great looks, nice and clicky without being too loud. Fantastic board with a great layout. The cherry clear switches are great, and unlike many people I had no issue removing the keycaps from my unit. Both are well made, heavy (the good kind), with amazing stock keycaps and sound brilliantly bottomed out. The plate which the switches sit in is black metal and provides high stability and reliability for long-term use. And oh boy it looks as good as in picture in real life. Before this I was looking at the happy hacking keyboard. Switch options: Cherry MX Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Clear, Silver, or Silent Red. It is super easy to clean. I was close to doing the same for the enter and escape keys. Programming it is not as easy as it should be that other keyboards have achieved. The stabilizers work flawlessly, pressing the spacebar at the very edge never gave me a missed space yet. Race 3 Keyboard itself has a nice weight to it - One of the best keyboards I have ever used. The area where this keyboard really shines at is The Layout. I like the color palate that is provided with this keyboard, but I wish there was a red delete key with this keyboard to balance out the red ESC key for better summitry. The DSA PBT caps are very nice to type on. 75% is the perfect size as I have to use the Arrow Keys every few minutes to do tasks at work. The keyboard features PBT Dye-Sub printed keycaps, Cherry MX Switches and a full aluminium case bottom. A 75% may be just for you! I really like this keyboard. So, given I'm in Russia and sending the keyboard back to States was not an option for me, I resorted to desoldering it - that's the only way of taking the switch apart thanks to the not-so-well-thought-out plate design. Great build quality, great to type on, great portability. I travel a lot so time zones can make a difference if you def. I don't dare unplug the cable now that I finally got it connected. I had to learn to like it My initial thoughts were: "Wow, this is fantastic, so different from what I'm used to! On the other hand, this difference in F & J profiles makes for an extended gap between R & F and U & J, which bugs me sometimes and makes me want to tilt them a bit forward to compensate. I am not sure if I will get another one to keep at my office just because of the price (it's worth every penny, though! MB - This is KB number 4 of 5 purchased since the summer. The font, while tolerable, is also not my mug of beer either, especially numbers and symbols. got my board to me within 2 days, and were responsive in answering any of my questions via email or Facebook. Could be a problem for some. Let's skip the good part and talk about some drawbacks Cons: - While the ESC key does not bother me at all, I find the surprise how the shorter than usual right shift key bothers me. Cons: BUT HOW? I didn't realize how much my experience with mechanical keyboards had been defined by cheap blue switches until I got this board (brown switches)! 1. Vortexgear Race 3 - Mechanical Keyboard 75% - Grey CNC Case - PBT DSA Keycaps - Cherry Mx Silver [CNC Aluminium Casing] Currently unavailable. My first mechanical keyboard and I'm very very happy with the feel and look.

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