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Yes! Allow to cook for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. Be sure to let the soup cool before closing the lid of the container. Heat a large, heavy-bottom pot over medium-high. Add nutritional yeast and stir to combine. This is a thick soup, so if you add more veggies either reduce the other vegetables or add more liquid. Add the celery carrots, and onion to the pot and cook, stirring occasionally, until the onions are translucent. Additionally this blog may contain sponsored posts or links as well. Reduce heat slightly and continue to boil until the potatoes are fork-tender (about 10 minutes). Cook until the potatoes are fork-tender, and follow the rest of the instructions listed below. Along with classic aromatic veggies, this soup is infused with herbs and gets a smokey kick from the smoked paprika. Thanks! I have some left over from last night to heat up for the family today. You’ll only need a few ingredients: potatoes, vegetable broth, almond milk, onion, salt and pepper. While the veggies are starting to cook, prep the garlic and potato. combine potatoes, rice, salt, pepper, onion powder, olive oil, and vegetable broth in the crock pot… One of my kids requested I blend his, so I got try both styles and it’s delicious either way. This crock pot potato soup recipe is so simple to make with all easy plant based ingredients. Anyreasonvegans also uses automated advertisements from Google Adsense which compensate based on a cost per click bases. Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary. Next add veggie broth, garlic, butter, salt, and pepper. Place the yellow potatoes, corn, jalapeños, salt, cumin, oregano, ground coriander and stock in a large slow cooker. Wash and prep the celery, carrots, and onion. It’s packed with healthy ingredients as well. That’s why I love this hearty healthy soup to make for my children and husband. Peel the garlic and chop or use a Microplane to grate into a paste. This looks like a hug in a bowl! This vegan potato soup is so hearty and flavorful, you won’t believe it comes together in just 30 minutes. So chunky and hearty! That said, if you absolutely want to peel the potatoes and carrots, go for it. Thank you for such an easy and delicious recipe. I love that it’s chock-full of veggies but also looks super flavorful, too! If freezing, leave a little extra space at the top since liquids expand when frozen. There, I just saved you 10 minutes of needless peeling. This vegan Mexican soup was inspired by her adventurous nature, and the fact that I had all of these things right in my pantry. This looks great! I love that it’s dairy *and* oil free. Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash With Pumpkin Seeds  I adore this vegan stuffed acorn squash recipe…, Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Donuts  Do you sweet potato chocolate chip donuts are a healthy…, Vegan Macadamia Nut Banana Bread I adore this vegan sugar free banana bread! I love potato soup in the wintertime, and this one feels so healthy. Yum!!! I just enjoy the potato skin. Add the corn and allow to continue to cook for about 10 to 15 more minutes. For this recipe you can substitute the brown rice for any kind of rice you prefer. (Both are linked at the bottom of any page on this website.). Just before you’re ready to eat, stir in the nutritional yeast and give the potatoes a quick mash (or blend with a hand blender for the creamy version). A few important meal-prepping tips: 1) Let the soup cool before you seal the containers. Our affiliates include only Amazon associates at this time. Garnish with Vegan Bacon Bits, green onions, and vegan yogurt or sour cream. Click here to receive new recipe updates! All you have to do it toss the ingredients in the crock pot after prepping the potatoes. If you want to add more veggies and nutrition to this soup, some great choices are: corn kernals, kidney beans, spinach, or kale. crock pot, dinner, easy, family recipe, paleo, slow cooker, vegan, Welcome to the homepage of my vegan recipe blog, Now Accepting Guest Posts At Anyreasonvegans, How To Start A Recipe Blog For Profit And Fun, Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash With Pumpkin Seeds, Vegan Pumpkin Bundt Cake With Maple Frosting. Vegan crock pot potato soup recipe is so easy to make for dinner, meals, and meal prep. Chop up two medium potatoes with or without skin. (Careful, garlic burns quickly). Hearty and filling, this Vegan Potato Soup is just what you need to warm up on a cool day. Cook the vegetables for a few hours, soymilk, and purée. I can’t wait to try it out. In my opinion, cooler weather and seasons changing most definitely calls for cozier, more comforting foods. Stir all the ingredients around with a large spoon and put the lid on. Start by prepping and chopping the celery, carrots, and onion. Serve with chopped fresh chives. But, please don’t dismiss this extremely easy meal because I sometimes eat meat. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Can I make this Vegan Potato Soup in a Slow Cooker? Alternatively, you can use a hand blender to make a smoother, creamier soup. Nothing warms you up on a cool night quite like a warm bowl of soup! Serve right away. Slow Cooker Asparagus, Spinach, and Potato Soup (Vegan) Published May 19, 2015.Last updated July 9, 2020 By Elizabeth Lindemann / This post may contain affiliate links. What makes this the BEST Potato Soup. Simply prep (wash, chop, etc) all of the veggies and potatoes, and add them a freezer-safe bag. That means that I could earn a commission, at no cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase. Can I make this Vegan Potato Soup in a Slow Cooker? NameEmail* (Both are linked at the bottom of any page on this website. For this slow cooker potato soup recipe you can substitute the brown rice for any kind of rice you prefer. This slow cooker potato soup recipe with rice and corn is so thick and creamy. Wow, this soup looks so good! The ingredients to make super flavorful slow cooker broth include 1 tbsp salt and 1 tbsp pepper. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You’re welcome! Crock pot directions are simple also. This crock pot potato soup recipe only takes about 10 to 12 minutes to prep. Make the most of your kitchen kit and create a warming curry, a simple vegetable stew or a comforting soup with our best ever vegan slow cooker recipes. Fabulous recipe, thanks for sharing! I just enjoy healthy brown rice. Slow Cooker (crock pot):  If using your slow cooker, turn heat to low and let set until ready to serve. Turn down the heat a tad and simmer until the potatoes are fork-tender. When you’re ready to cook the soup, add everything to a big pot along with the liquids and spices. Sauté leeks and onions in a skillet before adding them to a slow cooker with potatoes, vegetable broth, and spices. While the aromatics are cooking down, prep the garlic and potatoes. 3) Add a few tablespoons of water when reheating, since the liquid will reduce slightly during the cooking process. Making this vegan cream of potato soup is easy with a slow cooker. Required fields are marked *. This is definitely one of my favorites! Adding it to my list of soups to make when it cools down again. Add the spinach to the soup- stir until wilted. Full of healthy veggies and aromatic flavors, this soup is oil-free and meal-prep friendly. I just enjoy the potato skin. (You don’t need any oil because the onions will quickly begin giving off their own liquid, so simply stirring the veggies a few times will be enough to keep them from sticking.). Can’t go past a good potato soup loaded with all the veg, love that this one is oil-free too!! Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours. Set your slow cookerto HIGH and cook for 4 hours, or, if you're gone for the day, set it to LOW … It also takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to cook itself in the slow cookerÂ, Start making slow cooker potato soup recipe by plugging in your crock pot and turning it on high. You can! This is one of my favorite winter meals, too! It’s soft,…, Delicious Oven Roasted Tomatoes Recipe Certain recipes are so simple to assemble that over a…, Vegan Pumpkin Bundt Cake With Maple Frosting  Vegan bundt cake recipe made with pumpkin purée…, Buffalo Wing Jackfruit Nuggets Recipe Vegan jackfruit recipes like buffalo wing nuggets are healthy and…. I’m not vegan. The. Add the garlic and other spices, stir and cook just a minute or two. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 4 hours. Additionally you can skin your potatoes before slicing them up. The vegan ingredients include 1 cup brown rice, 2 cups chopped potatoes, and 2 cups corn.

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