takamine truss rod wrench size

What size trussrod in Takamine GN30-CE? Thanks! Some truss rods are adjusted with a socket wrench while others use an allen wrench and others may use different type wrenches. is the buzzing you are experiencing in the lower 7 fretts or in the upper area. Small scewdriver (if you need to remove a truss rod cover) Adjustment Wrench that fits your guitar’s truss rod nut; String height gauge with 1/32″ and 1/64″ markings; Electronic tuner (clamp on or rack mounted digital tuner) There is not a standard type or size wrench for all guitar truss rods. Hello I bought a used Takamine GN-30CE (or maybe GF30-CE, whichever is the smaller one), it had heavy strings on so I put light ones on and need to add some relief to the neck, but can't seem to find the Allen wrench size online, can't … Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to use the wrong size truss rod wrench or you could strip the nut or socket and then you will never be able to adjust the truss rod again. Takamine Truss Rods General Acoustic Guitar Discussion. Does anyone know what size allen wrench fits the truss rod nut in the soundhole of a Takamine EF381SC 12 string? Hi everyone, I have a 1989 Ovation Elite (model 1868), which needs a truss rod adjustment. My problem is, the action for it is way too high. Page 1 of 2 - Action Too High on my Takamine - posted in Acoustic Guitar Discussion: I have a EG531SC Black Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Takamine. I'm very comfortable making these adjustments, although this is the first time I've had to adjust an Ovation guitar. It has a great sound, nice, full and rich and flavorful. I just picked up a used one in pretty good shape, but the neck relief could use a little tweaking. 5mm Truss Rod Wrench, ball end, for Martin, Takamine and most Asian truss rods: Musical Instruments, Stage & Studio Is it possibly a 5 mm or a 3/16? I just need to know what size allen wrench is needed (I'm assuming I don't need a special tool?). I'm grateful for your help. if higher than like 6th or 7th then truss rod …

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