soul of throne watcher

In addition, the Defender will throw away his shield once he starts buffing his sword and he will not regain it, even if he is revived. The Throne Watcher's shield makes a bell noise when you hit it. ?, These stats have been estimated through various formulae, and as such, may not be precise. In Scholar of the First Sin, Bradley of the Old Guard can also be summoned for this fight. Throne Watcher and Throne Defenderare a team boss encounter in Dark Souls 2. The Dark Souls II Wiki reads: "It is possible for Throne Watcher to fall off the ledge of the arena, keeping him from being revived. Some supporting theories, and other things: We learn from Gilligan that Queen Mytha was wed to the prince of a nearby castle, but that the prince had eyes for another. Boss The Watcher is usually the one to close the distance first, splitting the both of them up and allowing for easy damage. Read further for counter-counter-arguments. This boss is fought as a pair, with the Throne Defender wielding a greatshield and sword and the Throne Watcher a slimmer figure with a smaller shield and sword. Dark Souls Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I've read that you can do this, but I haven't seen any videos of it being done. 16,000 Throne Watcher and Defender The Throne Watcher Soul is a boss soul in Dark Souls II. Throne Defender. The throne of the King is sacred, and must be observed closely at all times. Watcher GreatswordWatcher's Shield Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. These are the only enemies in the game that will revive each other, possibly showing a level of attachment. Vengarl of Forossa and Benhart of Jugo can be summoned for the fight, both summon signs can be found right outside the fog door. If a Bonfire Ascetic is used, then once the Watcher and Defender are both defeated and their souls received, Nashandra's boss fight will ensue immediately. Both bosses tend to go for the same target, making it harder to split them up to fight them individually. NG+ Obtained after defeating the Throne Watcher and Defender. Throne Watcher & Throne Defender Perfect Battle, The player faces the Throne Watcher and Defender, Let's play Dark souls II - 152 - Boss fight!!! Failure to do so will result in one attempting to resurrect the other with full health which can be done indefinitely, though there is a delay before the remaining one will attempt to resurrect their fallen comrade. Watch Queue Queue. Dark Souls II Soundtrack OST - Throne Defender, Throne Watcher, 'Dark Souls II' - 26. These bosses are able to buff their weapons, although they appear as different colors for each boss's weapon. They share the same arena as Nashandra and Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin (only if you got the 3 crowns and unlocked their potential and killed vendrick first). However, after losing his shield, the Defender will be much more aggressive and will close the distance much more frequently. Been trying for a while and can't seem to get it done. Use the special soul of the watcher to acquire numerous souls, or to create something of great worth. When one boss is reduced to 0 HP, it will not die. Will his wait be worth the while?2 The throne of the King is sacred, and must be observed closely at all times.3 The Watcher waited by the throne for ages. The Defender is a heavily armored warrior while the Watcher is lighter and more agile, both wield a shield and a greatsword. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Throne Watcher Soul is a consumable item in Dark Souls 2.

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