smoking steaks in a smoker

And did you know smoking a steak is easy peasy? Fill the drip pan halfway with water or your smoking liquid. Preheat smoker to 225 degrees F with your wood of choice. You just need a little extra time, a smoker, and a cast iron skillet for the final sear, and you’re good to go. New York Strip Steak. Place your steaks on the smoker, close the lid, and smoke until the internal temperature of your steak reaches 115 degrees F (for rare steak), 125 (medium rare), 135 (medium), 145 (medium well), or 155 degrees F (well done… Now check your email to confirm your subscription. You can utilize this cooking method for pretty much any type of steak, but I highly recommend using a quality piece of beef that is at least 1 1/2 inches thick. Cook until the internal temperature of your steak reaches your desired doneness: 125 degrees F (rare), 135 (medium rare), 145 (medium), 155 degrees (medium well), or 165 degrees F (well done). Just be sure to plan ahead so you’ve got plenty of time to let that slow smoke roll and infuse your meat with that tasty smoke flavor. For medium well done steaks cook total of 45 min, flip after 30 minutes. There was an error submitting your subscription. Smoking the steak: Use the best steak knives to make some cuts in the steak, before placing it in the electric smoker. Sear the steaks over high heat in a cast-iron skillet with oil. Success! Medium rare would be less than 30 min but we haven’t done that. Because you are using smoke as a distinct flavor, you can play around with the type of wood you use in this recipe to give your meat a unique and specific flavor. You can also try out different wood with different cuts of meat to find the combo that speaks to your soul. Put steaks into smoker directly on the rack. Simply season with salt and pepper and smoke for ALL the flavor that your steak will need. Reaching this temperature will ensure that the steaks have been smoked appropriately. We only open up to new members for 5 days each month. You can also use this method on a thick cut like a top sirloin (London broil) that is great sliced thin after cooking. The best kind. Put steaks into smoker directly on the rack. Smoking your steaks can add a bunch of flavors to the meat. Rub on all sides of steaks. In case you want to get back to basics and stick some steaks on the grill, I have a handful of delicious steak recipes to satisfy your palate: Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Chimichurri If you use a cut that is too thin (like a skirt, flank, thin cut sirloin, etc) the steak will cook through too quickly on the smoker without giving you that great slow smoked flavor. Rub on all sides of steaks. Theme Customization by the How Sweet Designs. Chefs can use a wide variety of woods including hickory, mesquite, oak, maple, cherry, and alder. ((New York strip, tenderloin, and rib eye are all great options)). Smoked steak is an incredibly delicious way to prepare steak. In fact, I think you’ll find that smoking a steak gives it a unique, delicious flavor that you can’t get by cooking it on the grill. Smoke the Pork Steaks Set up your smoker for cooking at 225-240°F with indirect heat. You should take care of these things while cooking the steak in the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. You don't need to get fancy with seasonings, as the smoke does most of the work for you. We found that with the thickness of ours 30 minutes was perfect for medium. 45 minutes was just right for medium well. Place the drip pan in the section provided for it inside the smoker and cover it with the meat rack. Remove your steaks from the skillet and allow the steak to rest for 10 minutes. Lightly coat the bottom of your skillet with a high heat oil (like avocado oil). Copyright © 2020 Hey Grill, Hey by Susie Bulloch // Brand + Web Design by The Girl Brand. Of course you can! Best of all? When you smoke any kind of meat, the slow cooking process gives it a beautiful, tender flavor that most people find irresistible. The other steaks came from a cow we bought actually. Smoke your steak until it reaches an internal temperature of 125 degrees F (rare) to 145 degrees F (medium). That’s right. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The steak comes off the grill juicy and full of flavor. Cook it on 225° so that it can gain a delicious taste. This steak will taste great and look incredible. #steak, dry rub, filet mignon, smoked, smoker, steak, t bone. Instant Pot Vegetable Recipes and Cook Times, How to smoke a steak so it's medium or well done on the inside with an amazing dry rub on the outside. You can find more of my smoking and grilling recipes and videos on YouTube, Instagram, or our Facebook Page. It’s one of the most basic ways to prepare a steak. Follow the recipe, and I’ll teach you the simple steps to making your own smoked steak at home. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Thus, you will get a delicious steak to soothe your appetite. Reverse Seared Tomahawk Steak Use a paper towel to pat you steaks dry on all sides. Adjust cook time as needed to get your steak cooked the way you like it. Remove the steak when it hits your preferred doneness, and you won’t have to worry about your steak becoming overcooked. From all the quick things to smoke in a smoker, steak is the most delicious and … It also is important to remember as you smoke more items … Smoking a steak isn’t much more difficult than grilling a steak. If your smoker uses a water pan, fill it up. My favorite cuts to smoke are rib eyes, strip steaks, and tenderloins. You don’t need to get fancy with seasonings, as the smoke does most of the work for you. Please try again. Pull from the skillet when the internal temperature … For medium well done steaks cook total of 45 min, flip after 30 minutes. Great ready for the ultimate beef dinner tonight. Place your steaks on the smoker, close the lid, and smoke until the internal temperature of your steak reaches 115 degrees F (for rare steak), 125 (medium rare), 135 (medium), 145 (medium well), or 155 degrees F (well done). Since this method is based on temperature and not time, you can smoke steaks as thick as you like! Want a simple, mild smoke flavor? I like BOLD flavors so this and the smoke creates a steak you’ll be raving about for a long time. These do great in almost any smoker, even the grill. I'd like to receive the free email course. I recommend using a meat thermometer (the ThermoWorks Mk4 or ThermoPop are both great options) and keep an eye on temperature as you go. Plus, depending on the flavor of pellets you use, you can infuse it will all sorts of tasty flavor. Your email address will not be published. Hickory, mesquite and apple are common choices for smoking meat. Even. You should be able to taste the beef and the smoke, and the basic seasoning is there to bring it all together and help the beef taste even better. They’re delivered straight to your door! Remove the steaks from the grill and set them aside while you preheat a 12" cast iron skillet over high heat. For those of you wanting a rather mild smoked flavor with the most vibrant color use cherry wood with your steak. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Preheat your smoker to 250 degrees. It takes approximately 1 hour to smoke steaks. You can see the inside of both cuts above in photos. So, it’s organic and grass fed right here in Idaho. You don’t need any fancy rubs or sauces; the smoked steak will taste incredible without any frills. Go with alder, pecan, or maple. Feeling like you want a bold smoky flavor in your steak? About a quarter of the way into the smoking process, an electric smoker chef can add cups of wood chips, chunks, or pellets to the heating zone (sometimes called a firebox). Place the rack with the seasoned steaks in inside the smoker. For medium steaks cook total of 30 min, flip half way through. While grilling and baking are common options, popping the steak in an electric smoker is the real secret to a juicy and moist steak. Done for a shorter amount of time though + a great rub all steaks can come out delicious. We’re highlighting smoke as a flavor ingredient in this recipe. Smoked steak is an incredibly delicious way to prepare steak. Remove from heat and allow to rest at least 5 minutes to maintain juiciness.

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