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There are currently 89 hats in-game available to all players of Shotgun Farmers. Global Achievements. If your friend can go to Library > Shotgun Farmers > Right Click > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files > There should be a folider in here named 2017-06-12_175542. Enter into the world of epic farming chicken as shotgun farmers and chicken farmers. EL RETARDO. Carrocket. Spawn: Medium-fast . #1. no hackers pls iFerg - COD Mobile 3,244 watching Live now Jumping From the Highest Points | Spider-Man Games (2004 - 2018) - Duration: 7:12. 63.1%. 63.9%. Top Three Get in the top 3 in a match of 6 or more players. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Shotgun Farmers > General Discussions > Topic Details. 76.5%. Destroy the unwilling effects of horny chicken in the farm. Some hats are level based while some hats require the completion of seasonal events or other requirements such as kills. This is modern 2020 war era, chase the best shooting action FPS game released by GameBolt. Ammo: 8 . Inmate 15 . Have you experienced the top chicken shooting, chicken battle or rooster battle in free action FPS Shooting style game? There are currently 55 achievements that you can earn by playing Shotgun Farmers on Steam. Total achievements: 71 You must be logged in to compare these stats to your own 88.9%. Shotgun Farm - first person shooter shotgun farmers simulator game where your bullets grow the guns. Sep 25 @ 12:28pm so is this game crossplay between pc and xbox or pc and ps4? First Place Get top rank in a match of 6 or more players. If they can zip this up and send it to I can take a look right away! Seeds of War Harvest your first plant. Ammo: ∞ . Type: Melee . Triple Kill Kill 3 farmers in a row. Jun 12, 2017 @ 8:38pm Thx ill tell him right now. Shotgun Farmers. Type: Short-Medium Pellet Shotgun . Damage: 1-hit kills from behind and 2-hit kills from the front or beside . You and your friends are shotgun farmer and you need to fight against others shotgun farmers until the victory! Shotgun. Some are very easy, some can only be achieved from a specific map, while others are so difficult that less than 1% of current players have earned them! Damage: 1-hit kills when short range, 2-3 hit kills from medium range . 64.4%. Shotgun Farmers. Shovel. Spawn: Always with the player . Global Leaderboards % of all players. Close to TOP 10! Type: Long-Range Rocket .

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