shift special characters not working

This is done by opening "˜Make the keyboard easier to use' page after clicking on the "˜Start' button, followed by Control Panel>Ease of Access>Ease of Access Center, and then clicking on "˜Make the keyboard easier to use'. Shift key not working is a common phenomenon especially to Windows OS users. ALT Codes not working on Windows 10 ... Use Right-click > Paste or Ctrl + V to paste the special character you copied at step 3. Adding special characters using the Character Map. If this solution is not to your liking, move down to the next method below to review some 3rd party alternatives. Shift Key not working along with other keys The last resort that you are left within the issue of shift key not working is made your keyboard usage easier. When you press ALT + SHIFT keys on your keyboard, ... We hope the above methods would have fixed the special characters not working issues on … The shift key on your keyboard is what you use to switch between uppercase and lowercase characters or even other functions.

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