sapote fruit benefits

This is actually a fruit with scientific name Pouteria sapota and is being cultivated in Mexico and other neighboring islands. It is enriched with carbohydrates, fibre, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Calcium. Both these nutrients impart health skin and make you feel younger again. Let’s have a look into them. If you dream of healthy, smooth hair, Sapota is your answer! It helps in lowering your sodium levels and thereby prevent sudden pump up of blood. Chikoo contains Potassium in good amounts, which is known to lower blood pressure. Your email address will not be published. Eating Chikoo Fruit During pregnancy is highly recommended, because of the abundant amounts of nutrients and carbohydrates in it. The fibre in the fruit is known to break down the proteins and helps the food dissolve easily too. Take a handful of chikoo pulp with some lime juice and apply it on the scalp for a flake-free scalp. Sapota in other ways also helps work with the digestive system, and it also keeps the body safe from issues such as irritable bowels, enteritis, oesophagitis and gas too. Especially, potassium and iron help in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Hormone Balancing – Due to the presence of many nutrients, black sapote helps to keep the nerves calm and lower down the level of stress and depression. Let’s get started to understand some of the best sapota fruit benefits (Chiku fruit benefits). Listed below is the nutritional value of Chikoo per 100 gms serving: Here we enlisted some of the best sapota fruit benefits for skin, hair and health. If there are stings and bites that cause blood loss, the seeds of the fruit can be crushed and applied on the affected areas, say experts. The Scientific name of Chikoo is “ManilkaraZapota”. Chikoo fruits are known for their deliciously sweet pulp, which is a popular ingredient in many smoothies, shakes and desserts. Let’s take a closer look at some of these impressive health benefits. When eaten raw, it is a source of dietary fiber. Chikoo also helps in preventing anaemic conditions with its rich iron levels. The dietary fiber in Mamey sapote is of … Sapodilla is a tropical fruit that can literally grow anywhere and is a common sight in most backyards. Beauty Benefits Eating the sapota regularly helps to remove toxins from your body, and is thus great for your skin and hair; it keeps them healthy and moisturised. Chikoo is one of the earliest foods given to little babies. In fact, this fruit has become staples in many Latin American diets. Stock some seasonal Chikoos and enjoy a healthy, delicious treat! Black sapote also called as a desert fruit plays a vital role to benefit overall health due the fiber, vitamin and potassium content. Required fields are marked *. From babies to adults, this fruit offers plenty of goodness to everyone. Like other nutrient-dense fruits, mamey sapote is a source of important health benefits. Although Sapota is wonderful for your body, it does come with its own side effects. Thanks to the fruit Sapota, this can be done, especially when internal injuries and piles happen to the body, both of which make the body lose a lot of blood. By helping in proper blood circulation, you can be free of dark circles and dullness. Even the membrane of the colon would be cared for, and it is made stronger to help fight infections too. The many nutritional benefits of the fruit enable in lowering the blood pressure, thereby preventing hypertension. The sapote (in Nahuatl: tzapotl) is a tropical fruit typical of Mexico, Central America and the northern side of South America. Instant Energy. Hypertension patients are advised to eat a portion of Sapota fruit to keep their readings in check. Our Information is Highly confident and suggested Lifestyle Resources on the Internet. [ Read: Benefits Of Black Cardamom] 8. excellent uses and benefits, i realy love it…………. Yes, black sapote also gives you an instant dose of energy. The rich antioxidants found in Sapota can help the body stay safe and clear from cancers of various kinds. It is also called “Chikoo” in Hindi, “Sapota” in Telugu, “Cappotta” in Tamil, “Sapōṭā” in Kannada and Marathi languages. In many countries across the globe, people consume Sapota as a laxative. For those who suffer from diarrhoea and lose motions, having Sapota would be of great help say, experts, since the fruit has purgative properties in it. Chikoo can help in reducing the symptoms of dandruff and itchy scalp. Chikoo cleanses the body from within and eliminates toxins. Sapote fruit can prevent and cure cough. Nutritional Value Mamey sapote provides about 215 calories, 2.5 grams of protein, less than 1 gram of fat and 56 grams of carbohydrates per 1-cup serving of chopped fresh fruit. The fruit is rich in dietary fibre as mentioned, which would help the digestive tract steer clear of constipation issues. The nutrients and dietary fibre helps the digestive system too, and protects the body from cancers, the carcinogens in the fruit helps the colon stay safe and clean too. Sapota is the most economical and effective way of imparting a healthy diet. Chiku is a powerhouse of many vital nutrients. Those who suffer from aches, pains and inflammation issues should have Sapota.

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