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When implemented in practice, the TCM has had findings wherein there were fewer reports of patients being rehospitalized, leading to a decrease in overall healthcare costs (Hirschman et al., 2015).[39]. Gerontology is the study of the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of ageing. 1. The main responsibility is as a caregiver. Knowledge about the aging process not only helps people to understand the aging process but it also assists in helping older adults to achieve a better quality of life.[24]. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This APRN Gerontological Specialist Certification (GS-c) distinguishes APRNs who possess expert knowledge, experience, and skill in managing the complex health needs of older adults. [49] Another study by Hsu et al., revealed that nursing students were more likely to have a positive attitude towards older adults if they had good experiences in gerontological nursing courses and clinicals. [16] Falls can cause fractures, hospitalizations, injuries, loss of independence, and possibly death. In order for nursing students to have an interest in gerontological nursing, students should first be introduced to healthy older adults. Elderly people with poor vision can be given reading materials with larger font, be provided with magnifying glasses, and brighter lighting. [19], Including, GAPNA (formerly NCGNP) which was founded in 1981, by a group of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners with the intention of offering the first continuing education conferences designed specifically to meet the needs of advanced practice nurses providing care for older adults. The older client has areas in the community such as the local senior center, where they can have their blood sugar and blood pressure checked. Gerontological Nurses need to know how to care for illnesses that affect the aging, the other factors affect aging, and how these impact people. It is imperative that associate degree nursing programs integrate evidence based gerontological nursing content into their programs as this is the primary population that needs to be taken care of upon graduation. [4][33] Standards of practice for gerontological nursing were published by the American Nurses Association in 1971. This act can ultimately hinder an adults experience in receiving adequate health care leading to an overall risk of impaired health. The knowledge and attitudes of the faculty teaching this information is also imperative to persuading nurses to want to specialize in this area of nursing. This research lead to improve pain identification and treatment across settings.[37]. [37] A writer in 1956 requested that nurses refocus their research to include major health issues of the time and how to support the frail elderly. This is a high-demand practice area, because older people are more likely torequire health services. In addition, nurse educators should be enthusiastic, passionate, and knowledgeable about geriatrics. [51] Often nursing students do not express a desire to work in gerontological nursing as their specialty. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Geriatric nurse practitioners are on the front-line of geriatric healthcare and most of these nurses are needed to provide the specialized care for our rapidly aging society. A gerontological nurse specialist is an advanced practice nurse or nurse practitioner who has graduate education in gerontological nursing. Woman in a residential care home receiving a birthday cake. These advance practice nurses are active in a variety of settings across the continuum including primary, acute, post-acute and long-term care. Gerontology is an nurse who works in the field of geriatrics that focuses on caring for older adults. [49] Researcher Cline was able to create a framework centering around the complexity of care among the elderly, that schools could use to educate students with the intention to improve quality of care. Currently, GAPNA represents the interests of all advanced practice nurses who work with older adults. Older adults have been referred to as "the core business of healthcare" by gerontological nursing experts. [58] Older people are the primary users of health services worldwide; therefore, the healthcare system must proactively develop strategies to maximize services to effectively deliver quality care to the increasing number of older people in both developed and developing countries. [4] Many nursing programs that do not have specific gerontological courses have instead integrated this content into the existing curriculum. Conceptualize ones individual role as a primary care nurse practitioner and ones personal philosophy of primary care practice.Geriatric Staff NurseOverviewNurses who work in the field of geriatrics, also known as gerontology, focus on caring forolder adults. The conditions of the geriatric patient's health determines what type of facility one should reside in. Roles and responsibilities of geriatric nursing? It aims to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults. The community health nurse has a role of education in the area of gerontological nursing research. [12], Gerontological nursing draws on knowledge about complex factors that affect the health of older adults. Falls in the elderly are the leading cause of injury and mortality in America. Nursing shortages certainly do play a role in this case. [4][28] Pioneers in the field of gerontological nursing include Vera McIver,[29] Doris Schwartz,[30] Mary Opal Walanin. 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