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More classic pomade is petroleum-based and is very greasy. Because pomades literally add grease to your hair, they are perfect for people with normally dry hair. There are many similarities between the two products, however the bottom line is that wax will never give your hair the same shine as pomade will. • For longer hairstyles, pomade is better than wax. I sat the other evening, watching part of a box set of Poirot. We all have our favourites, be that wax, gel, pomade or something else, however have you ever stopped to think why you use what you do? helps men aspire to greatness. Great in straight, wavy and particularly thick hair, styling wax is a good product to use for strong strength hold, Try not to use too much without washing because it will build up in your hair. This makes it great for those wanting a messy, dry look alongside a strong hold. Most waxes are oil-based and have a moderate hold, which makes them more difficult to wash out. As a matter of fact, wax is great for everything from spikes to a well-groomed look which has resulted in it becoming such a popular product in recent years. HAIRSPRAY. Wax will generally have a thicker consistency than pomade, but still doesn’t stiffen in the same way as products such as gel will do. • Pomade is also better than wax for curly hair and thick hair. They key difference between wax and pomade is shine level. Filed Under: Personal care Tagged With: Pomade, Wax. • For spiky hair, wax is better than pomade. Since ancient times, the Romans and Egyptians have been using oils to hold their hair and get shine. Wax will never give you the same shine and luster as pomade will and it’s for this very reason that many men opt for the latter every single time. If you have unruly and dry hair, using small pomade on hair in the morning is enough to keep them well behaved for the entire day. More recently, however, we’ve seen the development of water-soluble pomades which offer the same, strong level of hold and slicked back look whilst being able to wash the product out easily with water. Please check your inbox or spam folder to confirm. Wax is best for normal to oily hair with a short to medium length. If you have oily hair, you should go for a hair wax because it gives a matte look. Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms. This also means that they are not good for people with oily hair. • Pomade gives shinier hair than wax. As such, I wanted to try and get this comparison out to the masses to try and end the confusion as to the difference between wax and pomade once and for all. The downside of wax is that it dries out after awhile. When we look at wax and pomade in this way, it’s clear why so many are confused as to the difference. 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What adds to the confusion with wax is that it’s become known under so many different names, often making the decision as to the most suitable hair products even harder than it already is! Even comparisons of wax pomade vs water-based pomade are referring to oil and water. The shine that pomade provides to your hair is excellent. Pomade is, next to wax, the oldest form of hairstyling for men. You’ll also find wax pomade under the name “hair grease.” Wax-based pomades deliver a high shine and a heavy hold. WAX: Wax gives your strands a matte finish, and it’s thicker than gel, but doesn’t harden or feel sticky. So, when it comes to pomade vs wax, the choice is … Pomade Vs Clay Vs Wax Vs Spray: Understanding The Differences. • Wax can hold hair in place for a longer time than pomade. Pomade is traditionally a petroleum-based product which provides an excellent level of hold and a fantastic shine and offers the ability to comb and reshape throughout the day. Make no mistake, though, that there are a few important differences. Wax, on the other hand, will let you get even more drastic with your styling because it has a firmer hold. The downside is your hair must be somewhat dry first. Instead of water, the base is typically beeswax, petroleum, lanolin, or even all three. Pomade vs Wax • Wax is mostly wax while pomade has many ingredients of which wax is one. Coming from Engineering cum Human Resource Development background, has over 10 years experience in content developmet and management. Pomade is a product that contains several ingredients like wax, petroleum jelly, and mineral oils. They may have been distinct earlier, but today they have so many similarities that people find it difficult to tell one from another. Hairsprays can be used on their own to add volume or boost the roots and also can be added after your favorite product for additional shine and an extra kick of hold. Once pomade is applied on hair, it holds hair in its place and allows the user to give the desired shape to his hair. POMADE VS WAX. • Pomade is greasier than wax and requires harder shampooing to remove from hair than wax. There are many hairstyling products of which hair wax and pomade are the popular ones. Clay, gum, putty; they’re all variations on wax and generally allow you to achieve the same look as you would with any of the others. It doesn’t last as long as pomade, but you can re-apply more easily. Wax is best when it comes to creating spiky hairstyles. Pomade vs Moustache wax. We offer the latest men’s fashion, style, grooming and lifestyle advice. Like both pomade and fiber, some creams you can find have a nutritional aspect to it (for your hair). helps men aspire to greatness. Regardless of the style of the moment, many of us men have our favoured, long-standing styles which we spend what often seems life an eternity perfecting, however one thing is for sure and that is the fact that we couldn’t do it without the help of our trusted hair styling products. In a number of products on the market, especially those heavier pomades, beeswax is used as one of the ingredients. Pomade is a great product to use to keep long hairstyles in place. Once applied in the morning, hair remains soft and pliable all day long to allow the user to restyle the hair by simply running his fingers through his hair. Apply wax only when the hair is completely dry as it is insoluble. Hair wax is a hairstyling product that is used primarily to manipulate hair into different styles and to make hair hold in its position for long time periods. Pomade can also be challenging to wash out of the hair and it may take more than one washing to get the hair clean. It's also better for people with naturally greasy hair. If you have dry hair or want a flexible hold, pomade is your ideal product. Pomade is a greasy substance that is used to add texture to hair and to make it shinier and pliable. What is the difference, we’re often asked and even when we launch into an in-depth comparison of the two products, there’s still regularly questions which follow. Unfortunately, the downside to water-based pomades is that they don’t offer the same great shine as petroleum-based products do and will harden to a stiff finish throughout the day. Modern pomade takes this concept to a different level, but its purpose remains the same.

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