nursing clinical scenarios examples

POINT OF CARE - Scenario 1. Describe self-care measures that may prevent or decrease progression of chronic complications. Is her pulse thready or bounding? Your nursing care team includesLicensed Practical Nurse. A Personal Care Provider is an unregulated care provider whose educational program has prepared them to provide personal support services including activities of daily living. After carrying out both medical and nursing interventions, it is essential that follow-up assessments continue until the patient is stabilized. Additionally, you accompany the physician on rounds when he visits four of the residents. What must the client understand about his condition before you can discharge him from the community health clinic? You begin your shift on Wednesday morning after being off for two days. As the registered nurse in this situation, you will be responsible for transcribing and carrying out the physician’s orders. All have complex medical problems and are at high risk for complications. �n�~��1�*�f {B�m�V-}�����r�ţt�QT�&�q(�šLP���qK*��+����Jei � �h�n�ݱ�#��E`+v���(���Y`F]5^��(� ����X'U.Z&�G�Dt/B�~��e�вv�bE� Your role, as the only RN working this shift, is to be an advocate, leader and direct care provider. Before you can discharge the client from the community health clinic, the client and his wife will: Licensed Practical Nurses enter practice after they have completed a 2-year diploma program at a recognized community college and have passed the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination. Over the course of six months, you see the client and his wife four times. Scenario Number 1. For this situation, the physician would generally order: Blood work including: Complete Blood Count (CBC), Electrolytes, and a Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP). As well as a scenario element there will endobj She has been involved in educating Rob, a new member of staff, and helping him make the transition back into the workplace. %PDF-1.7 Cardiovascular assessment: For example - What is the patient’s blood pressure and pulse? 1 0 obj of potassium chloride (KCl) running at 125cc/hr., a urinary catheter, a Morphine epidural infusing as per anesthesia’s protocol and oxygen. He is tired and feels there are projects around the house that he would like to do but he does not have the energy to work on them even on his days off. %���� As resident care needs become more complex, the LPN requests additional support from the RN. The client will add at least 30 minutes of well tolerated exercise to his daily schedule. He and his wife attend your group instruction sessions for diabetics when his work schedule permits. Scenarios have been designed in order to focus on aspects of clinical care that are often challenging for clinicians, for example, difficult conversations, clinical emergencies and technical skills. Family members may have concerns or questions about their relative’s care. The client will check his blood glucose levels three times per week before a meal and record these in a logbook. He is walking on the treadmill at least 30 minutes daily. <> Each question should be considered by the individual or group before referring to the answers. In this case, these assessments would include: Respiratory assessment: For example - What do the lungs sound like? Does she have any irregularities? The patient’s medications and the potential side effects that could have an impact her respiratory and fluid volume status. You check the work assignments for your team and determine if the workloads are appropriate. ��.��Aب��X You provide updates on the residents’ condition, transcribe medical orders, fax any new medication orders to the pharmacy, ensure requisitions are completed and appointments are organized, update care plans and implement nursing care interventions as necessary.

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