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It contains 75% pure chocolate, without any good is that!!!! Browse our Nokia feature phones, including the Nokia 3310. Couverture source and blog postings. Discover more with Nokia phones. Explore familiar phones, rebooted with contemporary features. Noka chocolate is chocolate with the second highest price in the world. NōKA went out of business in 2011. Medieval ‘witches’ Markings’ Found in Ruins of a Church. News; About us; Contact us; News; About us; Contact us . Hello! Noka Chocolate (stylized ... Business website included NōKA's Vintages Collection among a listing of the world's most expensive chocolates, at $854 per pound. 2.Noka Vintages Collection : PRICE : $850/Pound . An American based company In 2006, Forbes listed the Noka Vintages Collection as one of the world’s most expensive chocolates, well YES! The Vintage News site. Two years later, they founded Noka Chocolate in Plano, Texas. D Magazine called the chocolates "insanely expensive." Instead of naming it to have obvious connection with sleep, we use “chocolate” to innovatively express our hope that anyone suffering from any sleep issues can eventually enjoy good, peaceful and satisfactory sleep. Because its $854 per pound. Chocolate is made from 75 percent pure cocoa mixture, such as cocoa butter andsugar. Noka Chocolate is our second try to build a helpful source of information about sleep. Creator: Noka Vintages Collection Price: U.S. $ 854 per 450 grams Place: Dallas, Texas Noka is a compilation of the best dark chocolate plantations in Venezuela, Ivory Coast,Trinidad and Ecuador. Apr 25, 2012 - Noka Vintages Collection (75% pure chocolate, without any additions) $854 per pound. On to the chocolate… Instead of the usual array of elaborate molded and filled chocolates seen in most chocolatiers’ shops, Noka opened with a spartan lineup of small, rectangular molded chocolates (the “Vintages Collection“) and simple, unflavored ganache truffles (the “Grand Cru Collection“). DALLAS, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 22, 2007 -- NOKA Chocolate, ranked '#1 luxury chocolate in the world' by the food editors of TASTE, now also carries the … Actually the Calcium in Your Teeth Comes from Exploding Stars. 5 Mistakes That Can Put a Relationship in Jeopardy Around the 1-Year Mark Chromium Steel was NOT Invented in Sheffield: Persians Added the Element to Steel 1,000 Years Before. Noka. 3.Delafee : PRICE : $508/pound

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