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One of which is that they are strategically mounted within an enclosed box. Another key feature of the MTX terminator is the strong structure and nice MDF finish. But don't sleep these subs … They are high quality, durable, and perform better than any subwoofer I’ve ever owned. MTX Home Audio Subwoofers are designed around a standard set by our long history of MTX subwoofers, allowing you to "Feel the Thunder". The MTX Audio FPR car subwoofers have a shallow-mount design that is ultra-thin at 3.325 inches, which makes it a space-saving sub with a small sealed enclosure. The company website will tell you that MTX car speakers are of high quality and offer superior performance. It’s got a nice design, and the asymmetrical linear drive limits distortion, so you don’t have to worry about any rubbery sounds. It comes with a nice fashionable finish, and the enclosure is hardwearing given built with wood materials and withstands a lot of pressure. You wont find subs like these for this value, particularly when they’re already in a manufacturing enclosed subwoofer. These users also comment on the performance of these MTX 2-Way car speakers even when they are not at full power. Shallow sub, intense bass MTX built the FPR10-04 subwoofer to give you big bass in a vehicle that that doesn't have room for traditional large subwoofers. It’s constructed with a robust construction with an enclosure and completed with a 5/eight″ MDF and aviation grade protecting which marks its fashionable and trendy end. These subs kick HARD! A user of this MTX subwoofer also blew out their amp, but had MTX repair the part and pay for the shipping both ways. Well we’ve found an answer to your problem: the MTX Terminator Series TNE212D. For example, MTX has recently redesigned its entire range of component car stereo speakers and released Thunder Axe High End Components. A user of this MTX subwoofer also blew out their amp, but had MTX repair the part and pay for the shipping both ways. Positively, users also found this system to perform at an RMS of 800 watts, and at full volume without distortion. Users of the Thunder Axe TX5001 5½” 2-Ways comment on how easy the speakers are to install. I purchased these with the boss 1100 watt amp. I paired this with the Boss Audio amplifier, wired with the eight gauge Boss Audio amp wiring package & it really works nice! Overall this allows much easier installation, as well as helps with boosting low pitched sound frequency. I’ve them within the trunk of my 1995 Honda Accord Ex going through the trunk opening and the sound high quality is great! This struck me as a richer, and more detailed sound. The easiest setup, and the best results. If you are looking for a complete car audio system, or just new component speakers, MTX users would agree that these subs, speakers and amps are a value for money investment. The wattage of these subs isn’t the very best yo… The MTX Audio TNE212D is very powerful, and has high power handling capacity. So get the party started in your car and add some bass with the MTX Party Pack. I purchased these with the boss 1100 watt amp. Reviews of MTX’s 8” subwoofer amplifier also revealed that a crisper tweeter could enhance the sound. This best enclosed subwoofer will hold out much of the air pressure, allowing less damage to the rubber from distortion. Each of the Axe High End Components has been designed to reproduce frequencies within a specific range and when all component aspects are working together, the highest quality crossover network can be achieved. Almost night & day.. Was a little skeptical with it being MTXs entry level set up.. This MTX Terminator series subwoofer system includes 2 subs, sub enclosure and a car amp. These subs knock.. Had a 15in MTX 5500 (new version) single sub bridged on a MTX MXA 400.2 amp before. The MTX TNE212D has the power to equalize the sound output in sync with the bass, producing very high quality sounds in your car. - MTX knows customers come to them for superior bass, and have incorporated this into their TDX6903 3-Way car speakers. For those looking for all their components in one MTX car speaker, the Thunder Dome-Axials range plans to raise the bar for the performance of all coaxial speakers. The audio quality is clean and accurate, but it lacks the output of deeper subwoofers. In regards to setup, I just want to note one thing before we get into details – installing this subwoofer is by far the easiest setup you’ll have, and that goes for pretty much all enclosed subwoofers. Reviews of MTX’s 8” subwoofer amplifier also revealed that a crisper tweeter could enhance the sound. Find your perfect car. These are a few of the best 2 12 inch subwoofers you should purchase in the meanwhile. Honestly, these subwoofers will give your ride some bass that will blow your mind. Here’s some more proof these are some of the best 12in subwoofers: My good friend at the moment has one 12in subwoofer and even that rattles, so simply know that 2 12in subwoofers will be crazy. They are quality, single voice coil configurations, and available for up to 4-Ohms and 200W! I am truthfully shocked they’re this cheap as I might have payed double this worth for the sound you get out of them. Should you be on the fence about these, I can guarantee you these are the way to go. If you enjoyed this article please consider sharing it! When buying a car subwoofer, weight, and durability matter. If you are looking on an in-depth guide to installing a stereo system check our in-depth guide. Now that the benefits and features of MTX car speakers have been touted by the manufacturer themselves, we find out here whether user reviews show MTX car speakers, amps and subwoofers delivering on their promises. Not only does is sound fuc*** amazing, but it’s also easy to setup. Not only that, it is also very durable and lightweight. It will rattle your trunk (until you don’t need an overbearing bass, you’ll be able to flip it right down to discover a comfortable median which is what I sometimes do relying on my temper.). These mtx terminator 12 subwoofers will provide you with more bass than you can imagine. I want to make clear of how good the sound from these mtx subwoofers are. You can probably agree that some subwoofers are hard to set up, and don’t give you the bass and quality sound you’re looking for. Moreover, the carpeting materials creates a chic end which tones nicely with inside designs of many autos. A common comment from users about MTX car speakers was the performance of the tweeters, and one user of this model thought they could be louder. You can even follow my subwoofer installation guide if you need help with that too. List of mtx audio speakers, user reviews, editorial reviews, mtx audio speakers deals, used mtx audio speakers and more - I moved to a country home and the dust from the dirt road has covered them completely, but that hasn’t changed how they perform. A car stereo system is a very personal purchase, dictated by the type of car you have (and therefore the space available for improved car speakers), the type of music you listen to and your budget. These speakers will not tear easily, because of it’s high tensile strength due to the polypropylene material. The MTX Terminator TNE212D is by far one of the best 12in subwoofer you should purchase. This subwoofer has some pretty amazing specs for such as cheap subwoofer, it also beats most subwoofers out of the water. If you’re looking to see the price, check it out on Amazon. It’s obvious that many individuals who purchased the have discovered its very straightforward to install and manage. MTX Car Speakers: Common Comments In Their User Reviews, 4 MTX Car Speaker Models Worth Knowing About. The sensitivity rating is the lowest we reviewed at only 83dB. We’ll today we will be reviewing one of the best subwoofers for beginners who are getting into subs and improving your car audio. I can guarantee after using this subwoofer for over 10 months, this subwoofer is by far the best sound investment I’ve made for my car.

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