kme vs wicked edge

The KME's unique angle guide system ensures you a perfect edge every time. The locking jaws and rotating blade clamp make the KME sharpening system very easy to use. I did a search and it was a Long time ago since this was lasted discussed (2010). Products like the Apex, KME, and especially the Wicked Edge are perfect for high end knives of any kind. All of this will help extend the life of your knives. I do not want this to be a glock vs 1911 deal but here we go. They guarantee all of their sharpeners and provide a money back guarantee - if you find any defect in theirsharpeners. The Wicked Edge system really has caught my attention. The Wicked Edge Pro Pack 1 is by far the most popular Pro Pack. KME user here. All Pro Packs include the standard 100/200 and 400/600 grit diamond stones. Zero complaints, gets the job done for me. I have since as far as I can remember thought about picking up a Wicked Edge, but the KME always curves those thoughts. Full compatibility with Edge Pro and KME format stones Suitable for sharpening stones up to 8 inches (210 mm) Any sharpening angle in a range from 9-15° to 33° degrees I enjoy sharpening but there is nothing esoteric in it for me. KME sharpeners come with a lifetime guarantee. Some have belt sanders, some have the Work Sharps Ken Onion edition, the Tormek , Kalamazoo’s, the viels, or … Advertise Here. They allow you to precisely match the blade angle, protect the face of the blade, and polish it to a mirror finish. The Pro Pack 1 is the Model 100 Sharpener plus the additional 800/1000 stones and the 5/3.5 leather strops. Wicked Edge Pro Packs There are three Wicked Edge Pro Packs. Wicked Edge vs KME sharpening Systems. KME wants everyone who purchases a KME tool to be 100% satisfied with the tool, and to be fully confident that they spent their money wisely; and they build every tool with that in mind. I would enjoy the precision of a … Have had and used for maybe x3 years. Maybe in another couple of years when my KME is worn out (if at ever) I’ll pick one up. As an engineer the ability to be able to sharpen to the exact same angle every time is extremely appealing. They are both fairly flexible. Post-Trizor, the slimmed down edge, ... which goes into excruciating detail about how to sharpen American vs. European vs. Japanese and flat vs. … All Pro Packs also include a base. KME expects everyone who purchases their products to be 100% satisfied and they build every sharpener with that in mind. I have a wicked edge system, and also the KME. The advantage in my eyes the size of blade the Wicked Edge can handle. The two sharpening systems are both expensive.

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