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I just don’t like doing any extra work if I don’t have to. We are going to join the hexagons by sewing through the middle of the stitches. Example: Start in the first stitch of the previous round (see Note below) with a standing double crochet. (Specifically, how to sew a non-bound off row to a foundation row). We hope you are very well and looking forward to a new Free Crochet Pattern or Tutorial. Hold the two crochet pieces that you are joining together so that the wrong sides are facing each other (assuming you want the seam … The single crochet seam adds some dimension to the work and is often used as a seam for joining motifs at the front where the seam itself is then a detail of the work. Invisible Seam Crochet Written Instructions. Join to the top of the standing double crochet with a sl st. I shall start with my Invisible Seam Reverse Mattress Stitch which joins squares flatly (no big ridges at the front or back) and is a nice sturdy join. Invisible Seam (Reverse Mattress Stitch) – Joining Crochet Squares I’ve been meaning to share some of my joining methods for ages. I’m not lazy. Learn this crochet technique for an invisible join when working in rounds. A new tutorial from Abbey Made on Youtube showing how to sew an invisible seam in Tunisian crochet ribbing. Make 2 dc’s in each of the remaining 11 st’s. ... Special Crochet Technique #3: Invisible seam in the round + Video Tutorial. The first two methods for sewing crochet pieces together involve using a strand of yarn and a yarn needle, and use basic sewing techniques to sew the pieces together. The four methods in this tutorial are: the whip stitch seam, mattress stitch seam, slip stitch seam, and mattress stitch seam. Make a dc in the same stitch. I promise. And that’s why I so much prefer working garments in … How to Use the Invisible Join with a Standing Stitch. Your needle will go through the middle of the stitch, between the front and back loop, from the top, all the way under and back up the middle of the following stitch. Today we want share with You a special post: In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use Mattress Stitch to join your crochet motifs together with a perfectly invisible seam .

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