is lightning attracted to metal

If lightning is going to hit the building, it'll hit the lightning rods, and therefore, the building will not catch fire, and the second one is that they can essentially discharge the lightning in that general area, they discharge and so it's less likely to strike in that area. Lightning is not attracted to metal: Top 5 myths of lightning strikes Monday, April 18, 2016 @ 10:44 AM. Lightning thought it was attracted to metal, but as it turns out, lightning is just going through a "phase" right now and doesn't fully understand its own wants and needs. So, if it isn’t anymore attracted to metal, why put a metal pole in houses? but I just wanted to take this idea and expand to it much more. Lighting is attracted to metal objects Fact: The presence of metal makes absolutely no difference where lightning strikes. If anyone knows, please explain, thanks! According to google, metal has no greater chance of being struck my lighting than any other object, it’s just more conductive. And by watching a thunderstorm, logic would conclude that if one were to position a metal rod at the highest point on a structure, a lightning bolt would strike it, direct the electricity into the ground, thus averting damage to the structure itself. In hopes that it hits the metal pole and not the house by luck? and was stuck in the rut of thinking "I don't deserve any better". Lightning is Attracted to Metal Objects (Explained much more) I know this idea has been suggested, lightning is attracted to iron, gold, etc. The monsoon storm dropped heavy rain and hail in parts of the valley causing street flooding and power outages. I went to the CN Tower (In Toronto) and was looking at one of the boards inside. Lightning has a history of abusive relationships (storms, thunder, etc.) Trending on Facebook After adoptive mother flees hospital crying, birth mother keeps newborn with d So I was thinking it would be based on hieght and what sort of object. Lightning is not attracted to metal: Top 5 myths of lightning strikes Lightning strikes during a thunderstorm on July 6, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Points: 340 DanielHart wrote:Lightning is not attracted to metal it is attracted to the highest thing it can strike. By Kimberly Miller. Lightning rods have been around since Benjamin Franklin first discovered lightning was made of electricity.

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