how to sand and refinish hardwood floors yourself

If it’s a floating floor the filler may come out. Work in parallel rows toward the wall with the door. Otherwise, ‘holidays’ (skipped areas), stop marks, and lap marks may show through after staining hardwood floors. 3. But edge sander was very hard to use and I practically ruined my floor all perimeter of it. Hi Ben I love your videos I have a problem that I don’t know how to fix my cats decided to use an area on the wood floor as their litter box the wood turn black I got that cleaned up with hydrogen peroxide but now I have a large round area of my wood floor that I need to refinish or may have to do the entire room any suggestions. My question is, will a 40 grit belt on the first pass deal with this or do I need to start lower and add an extra pass into the sanding process? Filling after the 80g and before the 100g is a good way to go, 120g tends to struggle to take the filler off. I find that the best technique involves applying the stain with an applicator to one small area at a time (about 18″ x 3′) and then rubbing off all excess with a rag. Get free, no-commitment estimates from licensed flooring contractors near you. Pick two test areas on the floor: one in a high-traffic zone, the other along a wall … after all they’ve already invested in the equipment, experience and tools to do the job, so really what you’re paying for when you hire someone is not losing hours of your own time attempting to do a job that would take much shorter should a pro do it The home was built in 1890 and we uncovered the flooring and have been trying to refinish it ourselves. I would put masking tape (decorators tape) either side of the gap, right up to the edge. I would refinish the whole room. First: the rental drum sander only did 1 inch line of sanding. I want a dark stain but I’m concerned that a wood-flour filler is going to stain darker and show all of the gaps, deeper gouges and nail holes. Bona seem to call this over/under wood. Is there a dark stain that is more opaque (like a translucent paint) and hides imperfections? You agree that may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. ***hire centres usually hire poor quality floor sanders with uneven drums***. Test for this by applying stain to an area that will not be visible once furniture is moved back into place. It is important to apply the sealer evenly. 3. Use a good brush for cutting in around the room perimeter. Do you think it would be enough to buff the floor and then varnish – I can send pictures if that helps. You will have to make numerous passes with each grit. I appreciate your great effort. Some jobs are better left to the pros. He also owns a floor sanding and restoration company. I loved it and want to try traffic HD in a similar finish. Hi Ben, (My preferred progression for a hardwood floor such as oak begins with 60-grit abrasive, goes to 80-grit, and finishes with 100- or 120-grit.) This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Think you’re up for it? Just worry about using some of these sanding techniques and removing some of the character of the reclaimed wood. I don’t have access to a drum sander (no vehicle) so I am thinking of sanding it with the Festool Rotex 150, beginning with 40-grit paper and moving up to 220. Oil-based stains stay workable longer than water-based. 7. Of course you can. I have spent hours to do the research, watched the a lot of YouTube videos. You’ll need to sand the entire floor, not just one section. The only question, really, is how good that sanding and finishing is going to be. First of all your site is AWESOME! Just be sure to keep the sander level at all times. I love your videos. Love your videos I have just spent the weekends of 6 months laying a reclaimed herringbone oak parquet and now it’s time to sand it so I’ve been doing my research.

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