how many grad schools should i apply to phd

Apply to all the places that fit. I'm really not sure what to do. Compare and contrast these schools by whatever factors are most important to you – for example, cost, reputation, location, or whether or not the program is offered in an online format. ;P. I only applied to one school, but that's because there was only one I wanted to go to. Unfortunately I don't have any publications yet. The second year I applied to 21 which worked out much better, so I would reccomend applying to as many as you can afford/have time to fill out (within reason). I was changing my subfield and only a few schools in the country do what I wanted to do with an appropriate regional focus. Still, I am somewhat scared that no grad school will accept me. For reference, I applied to 2 masters programs and 5 undergrad programs (1 was a guarantee admit in-state). They were highly targeted, meaning those were the only schools I was interested in. It's really hard to say because while you may want some safeties, what if they're really not the best suited for you? However, maybe someone has a rule of thumb: I am currently finishing my MA thesis and want to do a PhD afterwards. The real constraint is the cost of each application (application fee + GRE scores) since it's relative straightforward for your letter writers to submit the same letter to each institution. I am also in economics and applied to 12 programs. It's all a balance, really, and depends on your field. I don't regret it, though, because I expanded my network a lot. This can be a factor in deciding how many schools to apply to. Application fees aside, would we be crazy to apply to more than a dozen? Don't spend that time & effort at a place that's just "acceptable" in terms of what you want to do and who you want to work with. I applied to three. As many as you can afford and interest you in your research interests. I think my CV isn't bad - i have a GPA that's neither perfect nor bad (~3.85 right now) at a slightly-better-than-mediocre university, nearly 4 years of research experience in different jobs, multiple professors and assistant professors have offered to write me letters of reccomendation without me even asking them. I've heard 5-15 but you might be from a better ranked MA/MS. I have 20 on the list right now but aiming to get it to 10. This go-round, I applied to 1. :). Also got accepted in both so I was set. In hindsight, I applied to way too many, but I didn't expect to be so successful. 5 to 10 carefully chosen places that have professors who are aligned with your research interests. Thankfully I got in. I'm in the social sciences but all answers welcome! This might be silly. I went into more detail in another post but I was thinking of more like 16 because by research interests overlap between health and social policy so there's a broader range of professors to work with, mixed with hope to get into a top school. You may waste $50-$80 on applying to an easy school that you won't end up attending, but if you are dead set on grad school in the next year then having a fall-back is good. Both applications were successful, so I got my choice. Find lots more expert advice on getting into grad school in the newly released book: Graduate School: Winning Strategies For … How Many Grad Schools Should I Apply To? Including GRE scores, transcripts, and application fees I would guess closer to $3000. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Did 10 seem like a lot, would you have done more upper if they seemed like good fits? :), The first year I applied to 9 and ended up missing almost all of my interviews due to snow/ice storms canceling my flights and a surprise emergency appendectomy.

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