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Muster up her courage and grab the opportunity. Love could be developed right from there, couldn't it? After reading this I think the sign that the show supports IJ would be if SH invited them to go camping with her. It is still possible for him to be a priest later on, right? Seok-hyung says that it’s a famous song, and Ik-joon suddenly recognizes it… and imitates the voice from the subway. During a meeting with a patient who refuses to take lasix, Dr. Chun simply tells him to do what he wants and leaves the room. I wish I had half of her courage. Noticing the full moon, Song-hwa tells the others to make a wish, but the others sigh when she wishes for the intern to become a good surgeon. Pfft. and how she's always falling down because she's so strong. I cheer for them all but it seems like I have to do that in season 2. The two of them step out for a smoke, and they talk about how kids don’t lie unlike adults. *Cap Ahn ship isn't likely to set sail this season, but I feel that he's one character who could take the heartache in an equanimous way. I hope Jun-wan and Ik-sun will find a way to still stay together while she pursues her masters. This drama has always excelled with the witty dialogue, and then seamless editing cuts after that, but somehow, e.g. To Ik-joon, his son is the most important person in his life, and adding Song-hwa to the picture does not take away from this love but multiples it. 1. Why would suddenly it be regarded as siblings like when she choose to have skinships with him? As promised, Jung-won comes in right after a minute, and Ik-joon acts shocked by his friend’s immaculate timekeeping. Unlike before, she proudly presents her arm to Jung-won, and he praises her for getting her shot. Only future episodes can tell. Our blunt resident knows what she wants, and true to her character, she does not mince her words when telling Seok-hyung how she feels. Not familiar enough with this team to pick up on those cues so if they are working their way up to getting these two together in season 2, that'd be an interesting progression to watch. When asked whose operation she’ll assist, Gyu-wool chooses Jung-won, and Ik-joon looks betrayed, mumbling that he hates her before leaving. Seeing how the episode panned out and the song they performed, I think the theme of the episode is one sided loves and confessions. however, I tried to look back to ep 1, the char’s introduction, I didn’t know who as who, and by the time I finished watching the first ep I remember texted my friend ‘isn’t songhwa ikjoon’s wife, and that little kid is their child?’, my friend laughed and started to break down who is who :p As a token of his apology, Captain Hong hands Joon-wan some potted cilantro. It's in Ik-Joon's character that he would always take it personal, pouring his heart out, sharing his experience, going all-in, trying to convince they still have a chance to live their lives the way their hearts desire just for THEMSELVES. He doesn't have to get upset with her, but he needs to voice his concerns. He tells her that she does all the resident work by herself but never complains or runs away. To his surprise, she confesses her feelings instead, which leaves Seok-hyung at a loss for words. Him not confiding even in his closest friends about his struggles and ambitions until he has worked it out for himself shows that he is more close in nature to his childhood city friend SH than his tempestuous roomie Joon Wan.I was hoping that we'd finally get a peek into his thought processes this ep, but may be ep 11 will be the one. May be JW is really torn up about actually giving up his profession, may be it's GW that's shaking him up or may be it's the other ship (SH) that's giving him second thoughts. Tags: Hospital Playlist, Jeon Mi-do, Jo Jung-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung, Kim Gab-soo, Kim Hae-sook, Yoo Yeon-seok, Your email address will not be published. js.src = "//"; I like Jun-wan and Ik-sun together because they seem so mature and grown-up about their relationship. I totally agreed with your pov on After the talk and the band practice JW definitely seems lighter. // Load the SDK asynchronously Ik Jun and SH is a red herring. However, Joon-wan realizes that “gosu” was referring to cilantro when he arrives at the club and notices everything covered in the green herb. Wow! Hospital Playlist Episode 10 Drama Korea ini menggambarkan kisah para dokter, perawat, dan pasien di rumah sakit. In his office, Jae-hak stares at a box of strawberries from the patient’s farm and finds a note inside. I’m hoping he realizes that, with or without the help of his pals/Gyu-wool. That's too sad to think about it. Clearly this guy plays his cards super close to his heart. ...ships are sailing ⛵⛵⛵ He went to pick it up and noticed a text message from the social service worker and put the clues together. keep the quality of the drama up for the finale, (ep 11 is great) and this show will win a spot in my top drama list I have ever watched...alongside Stranger, Reply series, Signal, My Mister.. How excellent an actor is YYS that he smouldered onscreen in Mr Sunshine and has such a low-key gentle vibe in this show? I mean if the show goes there I would feel it's going backward on its own word and no relationship between men and women is platonic and no friendly and teasing gesture between men and woman should be considered as just what it is but instead they are all signs of something more. Jung-won assumes that he’s mad about him selling his car, but it’s the opposite: Joon-wan calls his friend shameless for accepting money for that piece of junk. Song-hwa is taken aback by this news even more, but Jung-won promises to answer her questions when everyone is together. (function(d, s, id) { While they eat, she tells him about Woo-joo and how she called her mom for help when his fever wouldn’t go down. Jeong Won's non-romantic one-sided intention towards Song Hwa and his direct confession and proposal. Giving up her masters and staying is definitely not a solution for the relationship to work out and I hope the writer does not go there. As they finish eating, Song-hwa receives a message about her package, and Ik-joon asks her what she bought. Once his friend leaves, Jung-won crushes his cigarette and stares up at the sky as the camera zooms out from above. }; Face to Sea (2020) Episode 30 English Sub. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Several people (Rosa, Ik-joon, even Fr. Source: DB recap. Heh. Surrender and Decision, without hesitation, that is what makes timing. I want to know what his change in behavior--the "hi" and getting in her personal space when he leant again the wall--means, gosh darn it! Plus, the band will have no choice but to disband! They’re just adorable I was cracking up at that subway announcement imitation Ik-jun is hilarious. On JW and IS, it's not as sudden as it seems as there were earlier scenes or dialogue about his having met her before - that he asked I J about his sister. Those words could end up shifting the balance in their beautiful relationship. She does seem to realize that she's fighting a loosing battle and from her talk with JS in the car,she is preparing to accept the idea coz as per her once JW decides on a course of action, he doesn't give up.

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