higher education entrance qualification in germany

Short: "HZB" This primarily refers to the school leaving certificate which entitles you to begin university studies in your home country. you have the necessary entrance qualifications. The majority of higher education institutions are financed by the state and therefore fall under its regulatory control. Whether you have a foreign higher education entrance qualification does not depend on your school’s location, but rather on whether the diploma awarded is a German one or a foreign one. Recognition of secondary and higher education qualifications. A “Studienkolleg” (preparatory course) prepares foreign students without this recognised school-leaving certificate for study in Germany. The recognised school-leaving certificate then becomes your so-called higher education entrance qualification. General higher education entrance qualification – Abitur. For applicants with foreign education, the requirements for upper/senior secondary school, proof of English test and years of university education are specified in this list which is based on the GSU-List from NOKUT , please scroll down to see the requirement for your country. If you would like to study in Germany, you will need a university entrance qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung). In order to start a bachelor's programme, two to three preceding semesters are required in the In principle, the general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) entitles you to study any programme at any higher education institution in Germany. With this you are permitted to study in Germany. Germany has state and state-accredited institutions of higher education which are mainly divided into universities, universities of applied sciences, and colleges of art and music. You may also need to fulfil additional entry requirements to be admitted onto a higher education programme. If you wish to study at a higher education institution in Germany, you must prove that your educational background or professional qualifications entitle you to do so – i.e. × Higher Education Entrance Qualification is the general basis to qualify for admission to higher education in Norway. Recommend to read: German Higher Education Entrance Qualification – Abitur Free E-Book: The Essential Guide to Studying in Germany for Free To increase your chances of getting admitted at a Germany university, learn more about the requirements for international students, and best prepare yourself for studying and living in Germany, check out our FREE guide for international students. A collective term for school and university certificates which qualify the holder to study at a university in Germany. Higher education entrance qualification refers to the level of general education required for enrollment at a university or other institution of higher education in Germany. Higher education entrance qualifications.

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