harley iron 883 learner legal

Thank you to all, i knew i could count on you for help. So this is a 2004 R1200r with twin disc brakes, modified air intake, cams, exhaust and suspension. Can anyone shed a bit of light on this very important subject?? I love this bike would not trade or sell it. Find the best deals today! As with any bike if you be careful, you should be ok. it is way under the Power to weight ratio. BLOCKHEAD 43,060 views. Now, those of you who have been reading and paying attention to the pictures would have noticed two things: The yellow bike in the shots is not an xl883. I did this once and learned the hard way. Compared to the larger twins in the same stable, they are smaller - but in no way a little bike and definitely not light. It can make a grand first motorcycle, all I'm saying is there are better choices out there to begin on. I have a 2003 1200 Sporty 100th Anniversary and I live it, Been riding on an on since I was 17,learned on an Yamaha rd350, maybe six rides,in 1978 bought my first bike1978 KZ1000,at 65 I have a Ninja ZX750r,an a Sportster 48,2016,if you want to ride,an have the courage, get what you want,don’t listen to the naysayers, riding a motorcycle gives me pleasure still to this day,live sport bikes,an live the look of my Sportster 48, everyone has an opinion,this is mine, people who call it a beginner or girls bike,have theirs,I won’t get into what I think of people like that, Dear Sir or madam : my first motorcycle was a 1970s harley davidson sportster 1000 cc kick start only 450 lbs and I loved it, Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. The confounding steering lock! Motorcycle News, Reviews and new products directly to your inbox. But to learn on one and drop it a few times - perhaps worth thinking about. Hyafuckinwatha, hyamum, hybrid inbred, hihosilver,  i wouldn't know one from the other. Just got a question to throw out there, is the 883 Sporty learner legal?? SO, i stand corrected. A clear-headed evaluation will leave you at the verdict that the 883, or any Sportster is in fact not much of a beginners bike at all. Rubbatech | BMW r1200GS & r1200GSA Knee Pads (K25), Rubbatech | BMW r1200GSA UT4 Tank Pad - Protection, Rubbatech | BMW rR1200GS & R1250GS LC 2013-, Rubbatech | BMW r1200gsa & R1250GSA LC Knee Pads, RUBBATECH TANK PADS - Motorcycle Tank Protector - FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE. 883, CC is also used for Cubic Centimetres, albeit incorrectly. And Ps, only for 1 year not 3, after 6 months, don't need to display them anymore, its crazy, how it can be so different. It will also pull cleanly from pretty much any gear so you won't need to hunt a gear with power, If you are absolutely hell-bent on a Harley Sportster as a first bike because you love it, well go for it. It's not skittish and very stable in sweeping bends. LePera Bare Bones Seat on Harley Iron 883 Sportster - Duration: 12:15. It will also pull cleanly from pretty much any gear so you won't need to hunt a gear with power constantly. If you are absolutely hell-bent on a Harley Sportster as a first bike because you love it, well go for it. If it was a 650, would be fine, but doesn't mateer how Slow, or fast it is, it needs to be under 660ml, which was explained to me at the RTA, has to do with Novice riders, and heavy bikes? That said, if you do sell it, it is also one of those bikes you can sell for at least the same amount you bought it for, unless you were dumb enough to buy new. July 30, 2019. 883 great starter. Absolutely not right, many riders get on bigger Harleys, other bikes and they come back to them for their own particular appeal. As a little tip, which could save your life - as with most Harleys, the Sportster will let you drive off with the steering locked. The custom versions of the sporty have larger tanks, while other models like the seventy-two or forty-eight amazingly have even smaller tanks than standard. I said they are not learner legal, but a bloke argued with me on the weekend, he reckons they are. I don't know, they both have trail bikes at the moment, i'm going greyer with them riding them around the bush, Makes the rest of the Australian States rules look stupid,

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