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You really do need to get it: the videos are based on this book. Finally got it done- now the real learning starts. About the different levels of amateur radio licenses, Amateur Extra Class Ham License — On-Line Help for Your Self Study, General Class Ham License – On-Line Help for Your Self Study, Ham Radio Videos: What other people think, Technician Class Ham License – On-Line Help for Your Self Study, Index to Roads by County and by Date of Ride. General Exam. The General Class License is the middle level of amateur radio licenses and has vastly-increased privileges on the HF bands—you can use these to talk with the world! During natural disasters and other emergencies, ham operators can literally save lives, as they are often called upon to perform vital communication services when all others are inoperable. how to proper connection 50watt hf amp to a hf 500watt amp and tuner’, Come visit us over at the Hamstudy booth!!…. Easy-to-grasp explanations, nearly 200 illustrations, links to free multi-media content. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; There’s a General Class License Manual Support Page on the ARRL website that provides additional material to supplement the manual. In order to operate an amateur radio, you’ll need to get a license from the government. Your purchase also helps us make even more great, free content for test-takers. Thanks for the resource- I know it takes a lot of time to produce these, and for the most part is thankless. Passing it grants you license privileges for all VHF/UHF Amateur bands, along with most shortwave privileges (also known as HF privileges). Read the comments from users. I hope to get them all updated quickly. Please put the comments right on the same post as the video you’re commenting about. Sneffels Press. That’s why I’ve created this video guide to your self study. Just want to tell you of my huge appreciation for your videos o General License training. The General Class License is the middle level of amateur radio licenses and has vastly-increased privileges on the HF bands—you can use these to talk with the world! amateur radio club, and experiment with radios, antennas, and circuits. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Lew probably needs to put some real information into his section on electronics and not just encouragement, though. Be sure to keep track of where you are! I have wanted to meet you for some time. You make learning enjoyable. Thank You! Within each page, questions are sorted by question number. Otherwise, Ham radio would go the way of CB. Be sure to get the 9th edition, valid from 1 July 2019 through 30 June 2023. First, read through the study guide and then take some practice tests. Amateur radio operators (also known as “hams”) can make friends in their local area, across America, and even all over the globe. This resource is available as a free PDF, or in a variety of other formats including Kindle, paperback, and audiobook. Use These Cool Amazon Links to Support Ham Radio Answers! You have my best wishes for years of satisfaction from your newfound hobby. While all aspiring hams used to have to demonstrate proficiency in sending and receiving Morse code before being granted a license, that requirement was dropped a while back. Although the book is self study, sometimes it’s helpful to have a guide. Getting a ham radio license can open up a whole new world of discovery, community, friendship, and public service. All videos have been updated for the 9th (2019-2023) Edition, General Class License Manual Support Page on the ARRL website, The General Class License and amateur radio (G1), How to use this book (the License Manual) (G2), Receiving and Transmitting Digital Modes (G25), Preparation to Take Your Examination (T37), Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area, Amateur Extra Videos Available on USB Thumb Drive, Exploring Radio Mathematics (My November 2020 QST Article), General Videos Available on USB Thumb Drive, How to Support Ham Radio Answers and Ask Dave, Resource Page: QRP Labs QCX 5w QRP HF Radio, Technician Videos Available on USB Thumb Drive. I’ll review your page of questions. hard to tell without the Mountains) amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; Fortunately I have some background in the material on chapter 4. PS I bought the Extra flash drive, watched it, and passed. General Class (Starts July, 2019) Technician class (2018 - 2022) General class (Starts July, 2019) Amateur Extra class (2020-2024) FCC Commercial Element 1. Mometrix Academy is a completely free resource provided by Mometrix Test Preparation. I look forward to chatting with you on air soon. You featured prominently in flashbacks multiple times during my technician and general license exams this week. The videos only introduce the material. As a non-engineer, your videos were immensely helpful to me in not only passing the exams, but also truly learning the fundamental concepts. Passed both my Technician and General Class in one sitting today, scoring a perfect score on the technician and only missed one on the General. Yes. I was hoping you could do a lesson on apartment dwellers and HAM shacks! 73 brother! Don’t worry, I see them all! All videos have been updated for the 9th (2019-2023) Edition. Keep in mind that in order to be allowed to take the General license exam, you’ll first need to pass the Technician exam. by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: August 18, 2020. This is the lesson manual. (Until a few years ago there were six.) I am preparing for the technician and general license tests by reading the book and watching your material. Now I am the “official teacher” for my club… since I’m a teacher already !!! They can take part in contests with their fellow hams, meet each other in person, and even attend ham conventions with hundreds or even thousands of other ham radio enthusiasts. Thanks Dave, I didn’t run across that page before. Your teaching is clear, relevant, impactful, and loaded with information. It's a whole new way of preparing for the government FCC License examination. Ham Radio Study Guide The No-Nonsense, General Class License Study Guide However, many people are under the impression that it was only dropped for the Technician license test. 26 Jan 2019. Although the book is self study, sometimes it’s helpful to have a guide. These are just a few of the reasons many ham radio operators think ham radio is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding hobbies a person can have. I looked for a link to buy a flash drive with all the General videos on it. Is there a way to download these videos to my ipad so I can watch them while commuting and do not have wi-fi? A passing score on the General License exam is required before you can take the exam for the Extra License. They are Technician, General, and Extra. across from the ARRL Expo in the Tesla building (building 2) I need that General flash drive. I watched your video on creative antenna solutions for small spaces and restrictive HOAs.

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