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Or, as Confucius would say, it is the person who can broaden the Way, not the Way that broadens the person. True or false? We might even say that righteousness leads to justice, which includes profit. Given the vastly different cultural and historical settings of ancient Greece and China, you may be surprised to find similarities between the Aristotelian and Confucian systems of virtue ethics. Through immersive academics, an emphasis on career readiness and a unique model for hands-on learning, we transform our students into dedicated professionals who enjoy bold and exciting careers. Why not? Work towards an esteemed University of Colorado Boulder engineering degree, while enjoying the personal attention, small class sizes and spectacular surroundings of Western Colorado University. Many business scandals could be avoided if more people understood the value of human capital and the need to see the larger picture; to put it differently: responsibility over profitability. The best way to find out what makes Western such a special place is to experience it for yourself. Western represents more than academic excellence. Many people engaged in business activity, including accountants andlawyers, are professionals. Our students and educators collectively believe that worldly views and different perspectives help provide a better education. Managerial ethics is related to which of the following? Chiquita claimed it was the victim of extortion and had no choice. To answer this question, consider the essence of the virtuous person that each ethical system strove to create. Whether getting together with friends at an annual event, making a donation or mentoring a student, graduates continue to play an important role in the Western community. And they had to conduct themselves responsibly to maintain their personal and professional reputation. As such, they are bound by codes ofconduct promulgated by professional societies. Arguably, it is here that the individual’s true nature is revealed. But what constitutes a reasonable, responsible method, and who gets to choose it? A self-controlled, disciplined manager is able to work through layers of bureaucracy and the complexities of human interaction to attain goals in a way that is responsible and profitable and that enhances the organization’s mission and culture. Perhaps the best way to answer the question is to consider the methods used for moral decision-making. For example, the International Financial Reporting Standards serve as a kind of international GAAP to help companies report financial results in a common accounting language across national boundaries. Confucius looked to create a system that put an end to civil chaos. CODE OF BUSINESS ETHICS. This strategy would be in line with Aristotelian and Confucian models if we assume that once they attain insight, most people will follow their conscience and act in reasonable, responsible ways. Our location in the heart of the Rockies promotes an active lifestyle, inclusive community and extraordinary adventure unlike anywhere else in the world. Because doing so would be a betrayal of the person’s conscience and identity. What would they identify as the crime committed? Nearly 80 percent of Gunnison County’s 3,239 square miles is federally owned land, making it an ideal environment for fieldwork. Our Accelerated Degree programs are designed to jump start your career, while saving you time and money. Business Ethics by Rice University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted. Together with governmental regulation, these might serve as the basis for ethical behavior, perhaps even globally. Imagine a scenario in which Aristotle and Confucius sit down to discuss Chiquita Brands International, a global produce conglomerate that paid “protection” money to right-wing and Marxist guerrilla groups in Colombia between 1997 and 2004 to ensure there would be no violence against its employees, banana plantations, and facilities. The payment violated the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (1977), which prohibits bribes and kickbacks to foreign officials. Because business and capitalism as conducted today have evolved primarily from European origins and profits are measured against Western standards like the U.S. dollar, the ethics that emerges from them is also beholden primarily (but not exclusively) to Western conceptions of behavior. The integration of personal and professional lives has two effects: motive and awareness. For Aristotle, the virtuous person saw the truth in every kind of situation. Many firms also havedetailed codes of conduct, developed and enforced by teams of ethicsand compliance personnel. A retail manager who contributes generously to help protect endangered species but thinks nothing of working the sales staff to the point of burnout to achieve monthly goals has not successfully integrated the personal and the professional, for instance, and even poses obstacles to individual happiness and life in the community. Confucius looked to settle the soul of the Chinese people by creating a system that reflected the heavenly order on Earth. Explore our programs and learning opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else in higher education. This was so important that the school established after his death was known as the Ru School, and the principles it taught are called Ruism. By the end of this section, you will be able to: Aristotle and Confucius each constructed an ethical system based on virtue, with Aristotle’s ultimate aim being happiness and Confucius’s being harmony.

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