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Schlesinger and Iha’s connection goes back even further than that, to 1995, when they co-founded Scratchie Records with D’arcy Wretzky. A.S. A most excellent power-pop bummer hidden at the very end of the second Fountains album, “It Must Be Summer” is the kind of song that would have guaranteed them a spot in the cult-classic canon even if they’d never scored another hit. He’s so smitten, it seems, that he can’t say her name without stuttering. A.S. Willie Nelson and Stephen Colbert, “Little Dealer Boy” (2008). Send us a tip using our anonymous form. This list includes every Fountains of Wayne single, but true fans know there are other great songs to vote on besides the radio hits. Their lavish, cosmopolitan sound placed them at the front of indie-pop style alongside sophisticates like Stereolab, Luna, Black Box Recorder, and St. Etienne, with Durand’s languid Parisian accent giving Schlesinger and Chase’s shimmering songs an enviable air of continental refinement. It’s sung by a guy in a cover band whose big break is always around the next outer-borough block, dreaming his life away to the kind of bittersweet melody he’d never be talented enough to write in real life. Schlesinger turns his Beatles worship up to 11 on this song from 2007’s often-overlooked Traffic and Weather, pulling in “Getting Better” guitars and one of his finest imitation-McCartney melodies for the ballad of a hopeless crush on a clerk at the local DMV. D.K. “The Fountains of Wayne are great exponents [of] the perfect pop song, when times were simpler and music was good,” James Iha said in the late Nineties, when Smashing Pumpkins selected the band as openers. Like the title track from That Thing You Do!, this ballad has to hold up under repeated performances within the compact running time of the Hugh Grant–Drew Barrymore rom-com Music and Lyrics, where he plays the washed-up half of a Wham!-esque Eighties duo, while she’s his unlikely collaborator on a new song for a contemporary pop star. We want to hear from you! In This Article: ), Here at Rolling Stone, we’re mourning this tragic loss. B.H. There was nothing really wrong with Stacy. The lyrics tell the story of a woman coming up to the Fire Island/Cape Cod-type vacation house her family has been going to since she was a kid, with images flashing from her bored, depressed middle-aged perspective to memories of spoiled misadventures from her equally bored, though perhaps somewhat less depressed, Seventies childhood (the time she got busted shoplifting, the time she went to the hospital after taking mushrooms, etc.). Despite the difficulties, Collingwood says 2011’s “Sky Full of Holes” is his favorite Fountains of Wayne album. The iconic video stars model Rachel Hunter as the mom who picks Stacy up from school in a red convertible as a herd of drooling dudes stand around gawking. It’s the hardest conceivable songwriting assignment: “Write a hit, now.” And not only that: “Write a hit that believably could take a band from local talent shows to touring nationwide, and, oh, yeah, write it in the precise idiom of an American garage band in the year 1964, and make it good enough that you can actually imagine it on the radio next to the Beatles.” That’s what Schlesinger pulled off with the stellar title track to Tom Hanks’ beloved movie, and he did it so well that it feels like he incepted the song into actual pop history. Trump Complains About ‘Massive Dumps’ While Lying About Why He Lost, Snoop Dogg’s Commentary Unanimously Wins Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Fight, Attention-Starved Trump May Start 2024 Campaign During Biden’s Inauguration, Report Says, Watch Four Sheryl Crows Cover Tom Petty’s ‘You Don’t Know How It Feels’ on ‘Fallon’, David Prowse, Darth Vader Actor in ‘Star Wars,’ Dead at 85. Atlantic Records promptly dropped the band after Utopia Parkway, which just proves his point. Passages like “I’ve been hiding all my hopes and dreams away/Just in case I ever need ’em again someday/I’ve been setting aside time/To clear a little space in the corners of my mind” feel just broad enough to be part of a Top 40 hit, but also wistful and smart enough to justify the talk of Barrymore’s unpolished gifts.

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