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Flu shot SA. But this high-tech brushing power is joy for your gumline. For children over the age of 5 and for adults. A standard toothbrush has 500 - 800, at best perhaps a 1,000 bristles loosely arranged. Dental Floss. Learn more Jiri Sedelmayer († 2019) developed the cleaning technique, the solo technique as it is called, and CURAPROX designed the single tuft brush that is just right for this type of cleaning: not only does it have our CUREN® filaments, but it also has a nicely rounded tuft head. All CURAPROX toothbrushes are designed so that not only do they access these areas well, but also clean them perfectly: This is thanks to the small, compact brush head. Why is this important? Hydrosonic Pro; Black is White Hydrosonic; Toothpaste [BE YOU.] Toothbrushes for children (3) Toothbrush heads (6) Toothbrush holders (1) FooterAfter. Added to this is the octagonal handle, which helps position the toothbrush at the correct angle, i.e. Curaprox toothpastes. Our toothbrushes are so gentle, they clean perfectly – even in the gumline. 5,460 CUREN® filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter. Pleasant. A toothbrush, interdental brushes and toothpaste. Dentists and dental hygienists enthusiastically recommend them, and our customers are just as enthusiastic: One was even heard saying: «I think my gums have fallen in love!» People who simply enjoy beautiful minimalist design are delighted by our CS toothbrushes and their rainbow of colours. The CS smart is smaller – yet bigger: developed for children over the age of 5, our CS smart children’s toothbrush looks just like the CS 5460 ultra soft, the version for grown-ups. The sulcus – the groove between the teeth and gums – is a breeding ground for bacteria that cause inflammation and periodontitis. Or is it? About CURAPROX. Easy. The Curasept End Tuft single toothbrushes come in two lengths of bristles. SALES OF THIS PRODUCT ONLY TO AUSTRALIA. FooterAfter. The ideal alternative to “I can’t reach there”. Between 5-7 Business Days* my bookings . What is more, we can line up a lot (and that means a lot) of these filaments on the head of our brush. It’s almost impossible to grip with the fist and exert too much pressure. Curaprox 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush Trio Pack. Exceptional cleanliness where it matters most – in the difficult-to-reach narrow spaces between the teeth. Sophisticated brush heads. Eye test. Healthy ingredients – no nasties. Combat tooth decay, inflammation and periodontitis. Toothbrushes …that love the gumline. Dental professionals who tested them are simply delighted – and recommend adults to try them out, too. So effective in … What exactly? There are some places in the mouth that are not that easy to reach for some toothbrushes: behind the upper molars for example, as well as the insides of the upper and lower front teeth. Australia Wide Delivery. Fun for babies & toddlers: the extra narrow brush head and soft plastic covering prevent any injuries to the oral mucosa. The thousands of densely packed, soft CUREN® filaments make all the difference. Finding it difficult? A daily rinse. Gums love this toothbrush: thanks to its 5,460 CUREN® filaments. A perfect match for the anatomy of the gum line: brushing your teeth doesn’t get any better than this. CUREN® filaments, 0.10 mm in diameter. 7,600 CUREN® filaments, 0.08mm in diameter. This toothbrush provides a CURAPROX brushing experience: 3,960 CUREN® filaments are gentle on gums – and offer superb cleaning power. Whether for whitening. Curasept Mouth Rinse. Curasept Mono Tuft 9mm Toothbrush. Do you really want to empty the shopping cart? The sulcus – the groove between the teeth and gums – is a breeding ground for bacteria that cause inflammation and periodontitis. Toothbrushes. CUREN® filaments, 0.12 mm in diameter. It reaches everywhere: behind wires, prostheses, brackets, lingual braces, implants – wherever cleaning is particularly tricky. This is the gum line, the sulcus. An end to pressure: the round handle motivates people to grip with their fingers. Curasept 0.12% Chlorhexidine Toothpaste (ADS712) $14.45. What’s more, the head is both extremely small and very compact. CURAPROX Australia Pty Ltd15B Seaforth AveAU-Somerton Park SA 5044Phone +61 870 793 779E-Mail: support.australia@curaprox.comWeb:, Copyright © - CURADEN AG All rights reserved, Your gum line, the gateway to oral health, Correct brushing using a manual toothbrush, How to use an interdental brush correctly, Extra small brush head for exceptionally accurate brushing. At last, babies and toddlers are able to enjoy having their teeth cleaned once their first tooth appears. All thanks to super-fine, extra-long, ultra-resilient filaments. Filaments are 6mm long. Flu shot VIC/NSW. CUREN® filaments, 0.15 mm in diameter. Adam Dental has been providing the best value dental supplies in Australia for over a 10 years, to dental professionals like dentists and dental surgeon, including specialists in the fields of endodontics, periodontics, … The most important part of any toothbrush is its bristles.

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