can you use brown paper for baking

Newspaper can safely be used in an oven with fruit cakes baked at low temperatures. ( Log Out /  I have just eaten my first slice of a fruit cake given to me by a friend which may save me from having to make my own this year *phew* Great to have these tips for the future though! Starting with the brown paper, line the inside sides of the cake tin with the brown paper strip, pressing the cut edges out at right angles and laying them flat against the base. I’ve just held a christmas cake cooking club with 2 helpers , I started cutting the greaseproof and planned to double this up but because we had eleven children things got carried away so only one layer went in is this going to be OK? I will try it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. In the same way that you can line your cake tins with parchment paper, it works just as well when making cupcake cases.Cut circular shapes just slightly larger than your cake tins. ( Log Out /  Would you mind sharing the recipe for the fruit cake? A paper bag is not. yes brown paper is what Delia and Nigella mean. If you do not have brown paper, use non-stick baking parchment instead. Happy Baking . Fruit cakes can erode aluminum if left in contact with the metal overtime. Fold down a 1 inch deep cuff along the length of the strip, then make diagonal cuts up to the fold line, about 3/4 inch apart. Let me know how it worked out for you . They have cooked lovely and the smell as amazing ! A paper bag is not. No need to use cooking spray and add extra grease, and your pans are much easier to clean as you can just throw it away when you’re done. Parchment paper is meant to withstand high temps up to 425 degrees. Lightly brush the base and inside of the baking tin with some melted butter. By the way… no fruit cakes were ever harmed lining cake tins this way. Help ! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Happy Baking. You are welcome… I love fruit cakes too , My mum always used this method for her rich fruit cakes and she never had a burnt one. Measure and cut a double strip of newspaper to fit around the outside of the cake tin and tie securely with twine. But you wrapping newspaper around the tin and a layer sitting under the base should work. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It's to stop the cake from burning. Lay a square/round cake tin on top of a double piece of nonstick baking parchment and using the cake tin as a guide draw around it. Thanks for stopping by! Mum’s know best Thanks for stopping by. Repeat the same steps with a single layer of brown paper. 2 - Reduces undesirable spreading. Thank you for your comment, hopefully at some point I will be posting a recipe for a fruit cake… so keep checking in! I’m planning on wrapping newspaper around and some on the Base. Hi Mita, I happen to have only aluminium cake pans to bake my cake in, once lined with brown paper and parchment do you think it would bake okay or would the alcohol in the cake react with the metal? . Great blog, by the way. Yes Jenna I am sure your will have no more tales of woe… only successes! What a great post! Change ). Thank you for stopping by. I love fruit cakes. That’s ajs, Hi Judy, it depends how long the cakes will be in the oven for. So, if you love your fruit cakes… line your cake tins my Mama’s way and use an oven thermometer. ( Log Out /  I used a large brown envelope I had lyign around, cut in half along the length and folded over, tied with string it was just right. Fruit cakes baked for long hours need protection from the heat of an oven and correctly lined tins will turn out moist cakes, with no overly browned and dried out edges, tops and bottoms. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Over the years I have baked in many different ovens and know that some oven thermostats can vary. Hi Moya Thanks Auntie Moya! If you are using a flat tray for baking, then you can substitute parchment paper for a silicone non-stick baking mat.This type of mat is a heat-resistant sheet for baking, which often proves to be an even better substitute to bakery paper than aluminum foil.. Take a look at our article on how to use silicone molds if you want to use them for cupcakes or similar. Using the measurement, cut a double-folded strip of non-stick baking paper, this should also be wide enough to extend 3 inches above the top of the cake tin.

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