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The best tele lenses should also have limited chromatic aberration and vignetting. And that’s where iPhone telephoto lenses come in. The Eweima 4 in 1 kit offers a 12X telephoto, one that will get you close enough for some tight shots, but won’t zoom in so far that you struggle to focus. The Mikikin 5 in 1 set also comes with a smaller telephoto lens: a 2X zoom, which is perfect for more everyday photography, such as street or portrait shooting. Though it doesn’t offer as strong image quality as the Moment 58mm, the price is far lower, and the optics are good for the price. It’s also easily mounted on most smartphones, while the Moment lens requires a special case to even get started. While the common 25mm lens is nice for landscape shots, sometimes you just want to zoom in more. Such an add-on ought to be a fun gadget, and we can’t imagine spending more than a Benjamin or so for the luxury. Moment has a reputation for high-quality lens, and their latest telephoto model is no different. With an initial buy-in cost of about $150 for a single lens and case, Moment is signaling that its offering is a tool for serious photography enthusiasts. You’ll also have to make sure the lens on your phone is clean before mounting the accessory lens. You get a bigger sensor and higher MP rating, making for some truly impressive images. As for build quality, the Moment lenses are some of the best on the market. To maintain an iPhone lens, all you need is a microfiber cloth and some glass cleaner. Jaymes Dempsey is a professional macro and nature photographer from Ann Arbor, Michigan; his work is published across the web, from Digital Photography School to PetaPixel. A lack of fringing and vignetting will make your photos look far more professional. This telephoto lens gives you a 2x zoom on your camera and produces high-quality results that are sharper than those of a lot of other accessory lenses. First, the best iPhone tele lenses should be sharp in the center. The CoPedvic telephoto clips straight onto your smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing accessories. The Amir kit is fun and affordable, but in terms of image quality, it doesn’t stack up well against the lenses from Moment, Black Eye, or Ztylus: You’re likely to notice some softening and distortion at the edge of the frame, and in our tests, we sometimes saw darker corners. So for the beginner who wants a lens for bird, wildlife, or astrophotography, the Apexel High Power 36X HD telephoto lens is a good way to go. A 10x macro lens and a 180-degree fish-eye lens are also included. Generally speaking, yes. This isn’t the best telephoto lens out there. I’ve also read up on every recommended smartphone lens attachment we’ve found on the Internet and considered what highly respected review sites such as TechRadar, The Phoblographer, CNET, and Fstoppers have had to say. You can fit each lens over the front-facing lens or rear lens(es) of your phone—and they even work with some slim phone cases. We focused first on finding a good wide-angle option, as that’s one of the most practical applications of adding a lens attachment to the fixed focal length of a smartphone lens. The Sony DISC-QX 10 is an unorthodox choice for smartphone photographers. My biggest gripe about the Sony QX 10 is its build quality. The Ztylus Revolver M Series Lens Kit also comes in a four-in-one option with a wide lens, a macro lens, a fish-eye lens, and a circular polarizer filter for single-lens phones. Related Post: Comparing the 10 Best Smartphone Cameras in 2019. iPhones only offer around 25mm of reach (which jumps to around 60mm on the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS, and 11 Pro). Lemuro offers a stylish take on a smartphone lens system, with a wider array of cute cases than you’ll find from most of the competition. But despite a couple of problems, the Sony DSC still manages to come out on top, offering amazing image quality and flexibility (for a price). On the other hand, 36X magnification on an iPhone is astonishing, and will allow you to capture shots that most smartphone photographers have never even dreamed of. It offers a selection of 4 different lenses including a 12X telephoto lens. Photo: Erin Lodi. If you’re a perfectionist, look elsewhere on this list; otherwise, you’ll appreciate what the Eweima telephoto lens can offer, and you’ll also like the wide-angle lens, macro lens, and fisheye lens that comes along with it. You should purchase an iPhone telephoto lens if you’re looking to expand your reach. If you’re a mobile-photography enthusiast and you want to use your smartphone as seriously as you would any other camera, we’ve concluded that Moment’s Wide 18mm Lens and Tele 58mm Lens are the best after testing 60 smartphone lenses over four years while traveling to the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, and the French countryside. This kit is well built and designed for easy handling. Need a camera, but not sure which one will best suit your needs? Photo: Erin Lodi, Moment’s wide lens can capture more of the action than the standard lens of most smartphones. The Todi iPhone Camera lens is … The only exceptions are lenses like the Sony QX 10, which doesn’t actually go in front of the iPhone lens, but instead interfaces with the smartphone LCD. Some iPhone lenses are made to work on pretty much any smartphone, Apple or Android. Just remember that there are plenty of great options out there, most of them offered at excellent prices. Black Eye lenses also come with a lens cap that is terribly tricky to remove. You can’t evaluate the best iPhone telephoto lenses without considering price. Best Photo Management Software for Windows, Light and Exposure in Smartphone Photography, The Ultimate Guide to Sharp Smartphone Photography, Mikikin 5 in 1 Cell Phone Lens (Including 20X Telephoto Zoom Lens and 2X Zoom Lens), Sony DSC-QX10/B Smartphone Attachable 4.45-44.5mm Lens-Style Camera, CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens Set for iPhone (Including the 22X Telephoto Lens), CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens Set for iPhone, Eweima 4 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit (Including a 12X Telephoto Lens), Eeweima 4-in-1 Lens Kit with 12X Tele Lens, Apexel High Power 36X HD Telephoto Lens (With Tripod), Comparing the 10 Best Smartphone Cameras in 2019, The 9 Best Post-Processing Apps for Smartphone Photography, 18 Best Lenses for Nikon Full Frame Cameras, The Best Low Light Lenses You Can Buy for Canon Cameras, The Best Micro Four-Thirds Lenses On The Market in 2020. Plus, the CoPedvic 22X can double as a sports photography lens if you find yourself high up in the stands. Without the additional cost of a specific case, the Pro Cinema Wide G4 is a more affordable glass-optics choice, but you should know that clip-on systems are always a little fussy, as a slight bump can jar the lens out of place and ruin your image. Sign up for our newsletter to get 52 free photography tips. We tested version 2 of the .63x-magnification wide-angle lens (an 18mm equivalent; about one and a half times as wide as the standard iPhone lens) and version 2 of the 2x telephoto lens (58mm equivalent).1 In our tests, images came out crisp and clear, with very little distortion and no noticeable darkening of our images’ corners. But the center performs well, and should be able to satisfy beginners looking for a first telephoto lens at a great price. The Moment 58mm telephoto lens is a great option. The lenses attach to the Moment case using a bayonet mount, similar to how a lens attaches to a DSLR. But maybe these subtle flaws aren’t a major concern for you if you’re just looking to jazz up your Instagram story with some new angles. If you go with this option, you’ll end up putting the lens on and taking it off more often, and spending more time making sure it’s centered, than you would if you were using a case system. Because it’s so easy to use and protective, we didn’t mind keeping the case on even without the lenses. Macro and ultrawide fish-eye lenses are the next most common, though they tend to fall more into the novelty category, as the iPhone already allows you to shoot quite close to objects and the fish-eye look is not one you’re likely to use in your everyday arsenal. And for those who want to shoot birds or the moon, even greater distances (20X, or even 36X) will be best. Especially when the price is right, the Black Eye wide-angle lens is an attractive alternative to the Moment lens. Both lenses require a Moment Photo Case, which is an additional $30 purchase. You could easily lose the plastic lens caps, as they fall off readily, but as long as you keep the included lens cloth with you for removing dust and don’t store the lenses in something that’s likely to scratch the glass, they should survive; these have held up for us well enough for occasional use over the past three years. We found that the Amir lenses fit with some thinner smartphone cases (such as our pick for the best iPhone case), but not with all of the thin cases we tried. We also share useful tips and tricks on how to become a better photographer and offer free online photography courses. It’s also made of high-quality aluminum, which should keep you from worrying about it breaking after a bit of use. First of all, a new iPhone 11 Pro will come with optical improvements over the previous iPhones, such as better low light imaging. If you want to shoot portrait photography or street photography, a 2X telephoto lens (around 50mm-60mm) should work well.

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