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I just bought an Eastman myself, and the mandolin is a bit harder to play than I expected. The Loar LM-520-VS Performer F-Style Mandolin is undoubtedly a great mandolin for the price. I've learned enough to have a bit of fun and proficient enough to back-up myself with simple rhythm/runs while recording, however, I think I will stick with guitar. From Jack White to Bill Monroe, the mandolin has always been a great way to add that old time flavor to your song. It’s also as warm as you could expect from a mandolin in this price range. If you’re just skimming this article to compare different options, be sure to actually read the review for this product and the Loar LM-520-VS. Equipboard is reader-supported. The Kentucky KM-150 is a great beginner’s mandolin. In addition to owning the Kentucky brand of mandolins (which has been incredibly well received by musicians of all calibers) they own some of the most notable instrument lines for musicians in niche genres. Like many other mandolin players, I started on a sub-$200 mandolin and I had a great time. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Why we like it: The 15CM Concert Ukulele has a beautiful construction and has a very loud volume, which means that people will have an easy time hearing you play. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, 46' Gibson J45, 00' Guild JF30-12, 05' Martin D-18GE, 15, 06' CA Vintage Performer, 10' Duesenberg CC, 12' PRS DGT, 12' Fender Select Strat, 16' Fender American Elite Telecaster, 17' James Tyler Studio Elite HD, Two Rock SP22, PRS Archon 25. We’ll get more into the tone of the mandolin in a bit. Anyway, the people on this forum can probably help you out some: Get an a-model, f-hole mandolin. Get the best deal for Vintage Mandolins from the largest online selection at If you are looking for an instrument that you can stick with for a longer time, however, the Kentucky KM-150 is the best mandolin for the money for the average beginning player. And many of them have tone that others wish they had. Most mandolin tops, or soundboards, are carved from spruce--a light yet very strong wood that is widely used for instrument soundboards (from guitars to grand pianos). The only thing to note about this mandolin is that it does not come with a case or any extra goodies, like a tuner or any picks. An F-Style mandolin has the scroll on the upper bout, which is really just an aesthetic choice which has little influence on the tone of the instrument. This is to be expected at this price, and getting yourself a gig bag and a few picks should cost you more than $20. When you’re looking for a mandolin, or any instrument for that matter, it’s important that you remember what you’re after. It will stand sound musical so long as you utilize proper technique, it just won’t have the characteristic response of a more expensive custom mandolin. It means that your mandolin isn’t going to have a level back (the part that rests against your stomach), it’s going to have an arch. We’ll get into the tone later, but this feature alone makes The Loar worth serious consideration. Deering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele: Best Banjolele Overall Ibanez is arguably the company that changed the reputation of Asian made instruments. We also like the fact that there’s no fretboard extension, though of course that’s a very subjective thing. That being said, the mandolin is an F-style. For one, a solid top mandolin (meaning that the top of the mandolin is made from solid wood) can easily be had for $100 to $200 dollars. When choosing the best gaming monitor under $200 for you, take a moment to think about where you’ll most likely be using it, as well as who you might use it with. The hardware on this mandolin is great for the price. A little-known fact about that company is that for a period of time they were producing electric archtops that were easily on par with the equivalent Gibson models being produced at the time, some of which were actually endorsed by some of the most famous jazz musicians in the world. It's really all the mandolin anybody needs (IMHO). However, it is made from mahogany and spruce (with the spruce being the top wood and the mahogany being used on the back and sides). Lastly, don’t bother getting a F-style mandolin until you’re ready to invest in a nicer instrument. He is very knowledgeable and a great guy to do business with. The tuners are reported to work just as well as any other beginner instrument in this price tear, and the bridge is also compensated. They really are some of the absolute best bang for the buck. Too many manufacturers don’t understand the factors that make a mandolin a mandolin, and the sound of the instruments they produce suffer for it.

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