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Elemental beryllium (mol wt 9.01218, CASRN 7440-41-7) is a hard, grayish metal. Beryllium occurs naturally as a chemical component of certain kinds of It is used in metallurgy as a hardening agent and in many outer space and nuclear applications. Beryllium produces health effects ranging from sensitization without evidence of disease to clinically apparent pulmonary disease. 7. Related Topics. It is one of the lightest of all metals and has one of the highest melting points of the lightest metals. As an amorphous solid, beryllium oxide is white.Its high melting point leads to its use as a refractory material. The use of beryllium oxide and beryllium-containing materials is not banned, restricted or otherwise limited by the IEC 62474 - Material Declaration for Products of and for the Electrotechnical Industry. For small fires involving beryllium chloride, extinguish with dry chemical, CO2, Halon, water spray, or standard foam, and for large fires, use water spray, fog, or standard foam. While beryllium chloride does not ignite easily, it may burn with the possible formation of toxic and irritating beryllium oxide fumes and hydrogen chloride. Therefore, it is used as an insulator base plate in high-power transistors in RF transmitters for telecommunication purposes. beryllium oxide (beo) is used to make ceramics for electronics, electrical, and other equipment BeO contributes hardness, strength, excellent heat conductivity, and good electrical insulation. 2 It is also known as beryllium metal, beryllium-9, beryllium metallic, glucinium, or glucinum. Beryllium oxide is an excellent heat conductor. Immunologic tests can detect beryllium sensitization and help clinicians differentiate between chronic beryllium disease and other interstitial lung diseases. Beryllium mirrors can be used in telescopes. Beryllium oxide (BeO), also known as beryllia, is an inorganic compound with the formula BeO. Beryllium compounds were used in fluorescent lighting tubes, but this use was discontinued because of the disease berylliosis which developed … It is a steel-gray metal that is quite brittle at room temperature. Chronic beryllium disease may be misdiagnosed as sarcoidosis. Beryllium oxide is also being studied for use in increasing the thermal conductivity of uranium dioxide nuclear fuel pellets. Beryllium, chemical element that is the lightest member of the alkaline-earth metals of Group 2 of the periodic table. This colourless solid is a notable electrical insulator with a higher thermal conductivity than any other non-metal except diamond, and exceeds that of most metals. IEC 62474 is a voluntary standard originally developed by the … Uses of Lithium. Who Discovered Beryllium.

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