behairful brush vs denman brush

The hair brush your curls have been waiting for! Shop now and experience the best brush … See my full review and comparison of both of these popular brushes. Creates Both Definition And Volume Since the Behairful brush can gentle glide through your hair coating every strand, it is the perfect way to create both definition and volume. Dry brush without causing breakage or pain, evenly distribute all of your favorite styling products and encourage, big, bouncy, voluminous curl clumps! Has anyone had any experience using other brushes with the same flipping, clumping techniques as the Denman brush or behairful brush? Since the Behairful brush is designed to gently detangle even the tangiest curly hair, it will keep your hair healthy but still do a great job detangling. Behairful was nice enough to send me a brush to try out and, to be honest, I did not have high hopes because of how many previous failed attempts I’ve had with brush styling- Denman, Flexy, Wet, even rake wet scrunch- that all left my hair too stringy. We know you dread wash day and detangling all of those knots. It has two extra rows of pins that help clump your curls together in the best way! I tried using a round brush and a wet brush on my 2c swaves and it mostly worked (though I was almost out of gel and didn’t get enough in there). May 7, 2020 - Read The Denman Brush vs. Behairful Brush: My Honest Review. The D31 Denman brush will also work just fine for you. This brush retails for $20. However, if you are looking for something that will give your hair some extra umph, reach for the D41 too!

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