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really a great work.thanks!, i am in singapore.bcos of not knowing the names of fishes in tamil i used to cook vanjarai and vavval.its going to be a good use to me. Cat fish கெழுத்தி மீன் Satha kendai Comman carp hi mullai it is very great service.i wonder every time i watch ur site.could u pls tell me the fish which is having good taste for fry and less/no bones.this is first time i would like to cook fish. Oola ——- Now i will know what i am eating. Does anyone know if any stores in Los Angeles carry them? (mercury level is high or low). 51 கெண்டை – வெள்ளிக் கெண்டை Kendai – Velli kendai Silver carp (Chinese Carps) Thankyou. Please share pictures of any variety listed above to guide us all. 123 பாரை – கட்டாப் பாரை, தோல்பாரை, தேரா leather skin fish, leather jacket fish, queenfish Kindly let me know the Tamil Names for the Silver Pomfret, Seer Fish and King Fish. Cuttle கணவாய் மீன் 61 கெழுத்தி, கெளுத்தி Kelluthi, Keluthi, Keliru Cat fish, Marine cat fish These are air breathing fishes and can be transported in fresh condition over long distances. I don’t think it is available in Chennai or anywhere else in India but abundantly available in US. just waiting for some replies……. wat is salmon in tamil? 11 இறால், எரா Eral, Iraal Prawn – Indian white shrimp Penaeus indicus thank u…, benifits of to eat fish i need detailed every tamilnadu fishes. 1,neymeen, HI Dude’s, It belongs to the vanjiram – king fish family. 138 வவ்வால் – கருப்பு வவ்வால், கருவெளவால், கருவாவல் Karuppu Vavval, Karu Vaaval Black Pomfret . . and can u please let me know the names for kitchten items such as zeeragam (cumin)…all spices.. veg..fruits..leaves…all kitchen items? 55 கெண்டை – தொப்பை, யமனேறிக் கெண்டை, கூராக் கெண்டை catla Please share the names which have been left out and feel free to point out the corrections. 74 சிங்கி இறால் – நளிர், களிறால் Lobster . what is the dryfish ‘manthal’ called in tamil.manthal is a malayalam word.we used to fry it after peeling of the skin. we usualy prefare mathie. We don’t get that anywhere in the globe however , there are some hybrid variety tastes 60 % similar but not the same one. Hi…can someone tell me the Tamil name of CLAMS?I am looking for recipes with clam meat (not clams in shell) and I am not able to search this site because I am not aware of the name in Tamil.I need a yummy clam recipe with just clam meat.Someone please help. so nice to know all the fish names in other launguages…what is the tamil meaning for bluetuna fish…where it wil be get? Salmon is sheela meen, we get this in tamil nadu every where. what is the Tamil name for Indian Salmon (in Hindi it is called Rawas). KaaLa is Indian Salmon. hi mullai Squid ஊசி கணவாய் மீன் 4 அம்புட்டன் வாழ Chitala Chitala I think Tamil Name for salmon is Vanjiram.Please correct me if I am wrong…, Since I am pregnant 4 months. . 9 இழுது மீன் Jelly Fish Thanks! Kendai meen, madavai Mullet Vanzheeram is Kingfish, KingMackerel, Streaked Mackerel. Malabar Trevally பாறை மீன் The name for Viral in english is “Murrel fish”… Just for your info…. 66 கொய் Koi, Nunalai Herring, Five Spot Herring Nice to have comments and corrections, proves useful. . 122 பாரை – ஊசிப்பாரை dusky trevally, big eye trevally, For sure, Kaala is not salmon. Koimeen or nunalai Five spot herring . Fish name in English Fish name in Tamil (தமிழ்) Anchovies/Anchovy: Nethili (நெத்திலி மீன்), Thogai meen (தோகை மீன்) Also would like to know where good quality netthili Dry fish is available in Tamil Nadu/ Kerala. Thanks,i just want to use this info for medical purpose. . Thuppu vaalai,mullu vaalai Wolf herring Frozen fish sucks, I mostly rely on Tilapia, a farm raised fish, which suits for all Indian preparations. Check these links. 88 சுறா – குமரிச் சுறா zebra shark Cod பண்ணா மீன் Keerimeen Round sardine Did you find out the english name for paal sura? Good work, For dolphin-Oangal is the Tamil word. Kendai Indian goat fish ,carp . Sardines மத்தி மீன் Today I bought ‘nakku meen’ not sure in English does any one help me with the name? . Hope you enjoy my collection and thanks for visiting my space. At least must know those names. Sorry Mamtha, i have no clue… about this fish. Saw / Gur கோலா மீன் It’s good for feeding moms and increases secretion… It’s a marine fish… Please help me with the name in English….Thanks…. . Can anyone tell me where to find Baby Shark fish, I live in Los angeles, and the shark fish i see in 99 ranch market is not baby shark? Thanks everyone who put all these efforts. A small saltwater fish of the Engraulidae family, used as food, especially on pizzas and in Caesar salads. . Kondal, Aathal Snapper In South TN (thoothukudi) we used to get a sea fish called “Eli meen paarai”. Tuna Fish name in Tamil;Soorai meen or Mass meen. small saltwater fish. 14 இறால், எரா – கூனி றால் Eral – Kooni eraal Scampi IN bangalore its very much available and they call it Indian Salmon with current rate of 549 per kg. . 12 இறால், எரா – வரி இறால் Eral, Iraal Prawn – Tiger prawn Penaeus monodon 1. Seabass கொடுவாள் மீன் Does anyone know what is Fish Maw called in Tamil? . for example, Koramenu, Sheelavathi, Bochu, Vanjaram, Pulasa, etc. 100 டொல்பின் Dolphin பாலூட்டி. 18 இறால், எரா – கருவண்டு இறால் giant tiger prawn Thanks i want english names for fish, available in andhra pradesh. ), If the above is true, we need to be vey cautious in consuming Vangiram as it has got large amount of Methylmercury in it which is very much harmful to our children and pregnant women. . 24 இறால், எரா – சென்னா கூனி, சென்னாக்குனி, சென்னக்கூனி, கூனியிறால் Channa Kooni, Cennakkuni, Kuniyiral Paste Shrimp, Baby shrimp Crangon vulgaris Can anyone tell me they call in Bengal – the Illish or Ilisa fish in tamil and english. and all fish eater can identify and call it vanjiram.. not as nei meen.. Nei Meen is another name for Vanjaram (“Seer” fish in English) called so in the Madurai, Ramnad District areas. (It looks exactly the same! 53 கெண்டை – வெண்கெண்டை white carp 16 இறால், எரா Eral – Kal eral Jinga Prawn I am in NewZealand and it was very difficult to understand what the fishes are. Hiilsa or ilish is mainly found in Ganga river in West Bengal and its tributary Padma river in Bangladesh .difficult to farm and get the best taste only when catch them wild on struggling against water current. Velli kendai Silver carp Hi, . please let me know more about that. but its not called vanjiram… vanjiram is a popular fish in India. . . I am working in 17th-century Dutch materials. More explanations about fishes and a easy way to remember are given in there :, Salmon isn’t Vanzheeram meen. Please provide tamil names. . Vaela kelangi ——, hi does anyone knows wat is the tamil name of dory fish. Indeed a great job for all of us Indian fish lovers abroad. Please do help me! 64 கொண்டல் ? 31 கனவாய், கணவாய் Kanavai, Kanawai Squid, Cuttle fish rgds. Both did not taste like Sankara we have back home in India. . Such an amazing quick fix recipe. some say its ‘kaala meen’ some say its ‘kilangan’. 97 சூரை – கீரை மீன் Keerai, Kerai Yellow Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna Your email address will not be published. Indian salmon is known as KAALAA in tamil… you could find it easily in the markets.. but it costs around 500 INR… very tasty fish… surely it will worth for your money…. 3 அம்பட்டன்வாளை, சொட்டைவாளை Barber’s Knife Notopterus Kapirat i want to know the equivalent name for PAAL SURA in english.? plz…. These are mostly found in Great lakes region, mainly in Lake Superior, covering Cananda and Michigan. 119 பளயா A recipe for passion is always simmering ! its an import 91 சுறா – பிள்ளைச் சுறா spade nose shark . . Mullan Toothpony Please follow the link. Here are some info gathered from the net. Ribbon வாலை மீன் Click here for -> About. hi lena the tamil name for emperor fish valai meen or karva its main catching area is rameswaram,thuthukudi and kanyakumari, it is not vaalai is vilai meen=emperor fish. 131 மாதவை Madavai Mullet – Red, Red Mullet Kaaral podi/kaarai Pony fish, tooth pony . Fish Names in English and Tamil Tamil … Kari / neyyi /jilapi, thilapi Tilapia Kanavai Cuttle Kizhi meen Parrot fish VIJI, The rainbow trout is a species of salmonid native to tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia and North America as well as much of the central, western, eastern, and especially the northern portions of the United States. small herring-like plankton-eating fishes often canned whole or as paste; abundant in tropical waters worldwide, tiny fishes usually canned or salted; used for hors d'oeuvres or as seasoning in sauces. 7 அறக்குளா, வஞ்சிரம் Arakkula, Vanchiram Seer, King fish, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel Cybium guttatum, Cybium interruptum Although I am not a fish fan I would like to know those names. I AM IN SAUDI JUBAIL ILIKE HAMMOR(GROUPER) FISH, BUT I DONT KNOW TAMIL NAME, CAN ANY ONE TELL ME PLS, how many types of snake head fish present in Tamil Nadu and it all Tamil vernacular name. the tamil name for salmon is Kizhangan(கிழங்கான்), ooli-seela-baracuda Dear All, 83 சுறா Murden Sura Shark River Mullai, Any small saltwater fish of the Engraulidae family, consisting of 160 species in 16 genera, of which the genus.

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